Creating Life Balance After Retirement: Ep 155

creating life balanceCreating Life Balance after Retirement

What to do with all the time you have after retirement? Janelle Anderson co-hosts another episode and we'll be talking about Creating Life Balance after Retirement.

Janelle Anderson has always had a deep desire to help people develop their true potential and live from their true selves. Her career began in education as an elementary and middle school teacher, but after teaching GED preparation classes, she discovered her true passion was to work with adults. Over the years, she realized that her greatest satisfaction came from working with women, especially those in their mid-life years. Janelle loves to help them emerge into the fullest glory of who they are – to grow into their true beauty and live fearlessly, confidently and authentically.

A transition from working to retirement

Most people especially those who worked in an office are used to having a schedule. They are working from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for how many years. Suddenly, it's time for retirement. You have all the time in the world where you do not have a schedule to follow. What are you going to do?

You may have a list of what to do after you retire but after doing all those things, what's next? You can do volunteering and help in your community. If this is not what you desire then you have to figure out what are the things that will make you happy. One example is learning how to play the tuba.

Creating your own schedulecreating life balance

You may create a schedule of the things that you will be doing now that you have all the free time. Example, tennis every Monday. You can also not follow your created schedule!

Create short-term goals every week. It really does feel good whenever you're crossing out all the things that you have done. Janelle has this planner where she creates her schedule for the things that she will be doing for the week. You may check it here: PLANNER

Learn to slow down

Now that you have your list. Never rush or feel pressured in doing all of them, you need to enjoy every moment while doing it. Enjoy every minute of it. Eat your lunch and enjoy every single bit of the food on your plate. Do deep breathing exercises before you do something. This will help you slow down.

Creating Life Balance

You should schedule FUN things. Things that excite you, make you happy, and not think of as a task that needs to be followed. This will make you enjoy your retirement. Doing stress-free things also have positive effects on our health. Take note of this because this is one of the most important things in creating life balance after retirement.

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