When you exercise too much: Episode 099

Colette Kent on when you exercise too much Yes, you can exercise too much!

Colette, a native of Ireland, moved to the US in her early 20’s and worked in finance for over a decade. She then discovered her passion for health and fitness and pursued a full-time career in this field. Moving to Nice, France in 2008 she opened a fitness and yoga studio. Colette was an avid competitor taking part in many sporting events including triathlons, marathons, and bike races. However, even with all her efforts, her health was not in a good place. Colette discovered she was training and exercising too much. She wasn't listening to the subtle signals her body was giving her.

In 2014, Colette took some time out to cleanse and reset her body. She underwent a 21-day cellular cleanse program in Bali with an Ayurvedic doctor and this is what changed her life personally and professionally. After the cleanse, she stayed in Bali and worked with the Ayurvedic Doctor and completed her studies to become an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor.

So obviously, my question was how on earth do you pronounce this and what is it?!

Ayur which translates to Life and Veda which translates to science so it is the Science of Life. It is all about a holistic approach to healing. It teaches people how to understand their own mind-body type and your own true nature. Colette brought up a good point too. Living in our modern world, we have all kind of gotten away from nature. Becuase of modern conveniences, we are all less in tune with mother nature.

Ayurveda teaches that everything in the natural world is made up of the five elements of nature which are: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These five elements form what are called three “doshas” or mind-body types.

What's Your Dosha?

VATA-Elements of space and air. Vata is all about movement and action like the wind. A Vata person is slim and slender, they generally have an oval face and small eyes. They may have dry skin or thin brittle hair. Just like the wind, they are always moving and walk and talk a  lot. The Vata person may forget to eat sometimes, run out of energy, or suffer from insomnia at times. Other characteristics include, gaps between teeth, deviated septum in their nose.

Vata's are very creative, imaginative, and always on the go. Vata's minds are always moving and this can cause difficulties in being grounded because they are always thinking ahead. They are born worriers and can feel anxious. Their slogan in life tends to be “Can I change my mind” because they tend to be indecisive. Vata's can be grounded with activities like slow yoga or meditation. Also grounding foods which are foods that are heavier and more comfort foods. If a Vata is out of balance they may have dryness in the skin, lips or hair.

PITTA– Made up of the elements fire and water. Pitta is all about the sun's heat and intensity.  A Pitta person would have a medium build with medium height and good strong muscles. They tend to have sharp features like their nose or chin, and also have intense eyes. Pitta's are also good speakers and make good CEO's and managers. They are goal oriented, productive, list makers, and always on time. Also, they can be witty, opinionated, critical of others and themselves. It is “my way or the highway” with a Pitta and they are competitive.

Pitta's will have a sharp metabolism and their digestion is strong. This means they get “hangry” a lot. When they are out of balance they tend to overheat. This can cause loose stools or diarrhea, rashes, bloodshot eyes, or headaches. They may also experience heartburn, acid reflux, anger, impatience, irritability, and jealousy. To “cool” the heat of a Pitta, you need a moderation in activity, less competition and less spice in their diet.

KAPHA– Made up of the elements water and earth. A Kapha person is well built with full, rounded features and a lot of times long, thick hair. They are loving, nurturing, caring, and a lot like Mother Earth. A Kapha has a strong immune system, are great listeners and have great endurance. However, they tend to be a little lazy and don't have the fire of pitta to get up and get going. Sometimes they tend to want to sit and relax and follow others. Taking initiative is not their strong suit. Their mind also tends to be a little heavier. They may learn things a little slower but once they grasp something or learn something new they will never forget it.

Their slogan would be “don't worry be happy” as they want everyone to be happy and they like to go with the flow. When a Kapha person is out of balance it is because of their slow nature and it can lead to slowness in the digestive system. This leads to weight gain or water retention, congestion. Other signs of being out of balance for a Kapha person is energy depletion, sleeping a lot, brain fog, and depression.

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