RE019: Too Old to Skydive?

Jim Moir Photo of Jim Moir who talks about how to Skydive in retirement.doesn't think that he's too old to skydive.

Henry had a conversation with Jim and found out that Jim used to skydive competitively.  When he retired he said he was obviously too old for competition because the youngsters thrash him.

Jim couldn't just retire from skydiving though, so he redirected the skills and experience he had built up over decades.

So he's still involved in the sport he loves.

Henry follows Jim's progress in life and parachuting, from beginner to competitor to champion and instructor.  Not only does Jim like to parachute out of airplanes, but he also taught his wife to skydive.  She went from a novice to a champion skydiver in under two years.

Jim lives in Melbourne, Australia, as do many of Henry's guests.  They go over what equipment you need.  Henry and Jim talk about why you can skydive at any age. They talk about the great innovations in the sport.  And why age doesn't matter.  Do you want a heart stopping feeling of exhilaration?  Try skydiving.  At any age.

But that's not all.

Even if you aren't interested in jumping out of an airplane, listen to Jim and Henry talk about how you can use your skills to make your retirement great.  The camaraderie of continuing a sport or an activity into retirement can make the activity worthwhile.

During the interview Jim mentions flying with a wing suit.  If you have never seen this, watch this YouTube video to get you excited, or shake your head in horror.

How can you apply Jim's suggestion of extending your hard won experience to your retirement?  Let us know with a comment in the reply box below.

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