Senior Sex after Seventy: getting it on! Ep 61

Warning:  This episode on senior sex obviously contains adult material.

senior sex

Joan Price teaches us that it's OK to have sex after seventy

Today my guest was Joan Price, who is a senior sex guru.  And as you know, sex is an important part of the retirement lifestyle.

Joan, who is an “advocate for ageless sexuality”, has written numerous books, and in fact, she has been called the “senior sexpert”.   When I met her online I knew that I just had to have her on the show!

We discussed the fact that NO, we don’t have to sit in a separate bathtub holding hands with our partner (think Cialis commercials) and in fact, we don’t even need to have partner at all!  Think about it, if you are a woman, chances are your partner (if you have one) is going to predecease you if you are around the same age since women live longer than men.

Senior Sex?  I have so many questions!

  • What do you think about drugs like Cialis and Viagra?
  • Should these senior sex drugs be covered by Medicare?
  • What made you start writing about senior sex in the first place?
  • How can we spice up our sex lives?
  • Why do we tend to put our sex lives on hold as we get older?
  • What do we do if we don’t have a partner (Joan has a lot to say about this subject!)
  • If you’re shy, what do you do?
  • How can you talk to your doctor and what should you say?
  • What do you do with all those adult toys after you review them?

We talked about the fact that she writes reviews of sex toys from a senior perspective.

I asked her what the difference would be between a non-senior and a senior perspective and she was happy to tell me.

  1. We lose sensitivity as we age, so senior sex toys should be really powerful.
  2. For the same reason, they have to go a long time. We don’t want the battery dying at a critical moment.
  3. An adult toy should be comfortable for arthritic hands (ergonomic).
  4. The controls should be easy for aging eyes to see.
  5. We need to be able to hold on to them with slippery fingers, so they should be easy to hold.
  6. These devices should be made with non-toxic materials. There are no laws governing this like there are for dog toys or baby toys.  (Who knew?)
  7. Aging women may prefer slimmer senior sex toys.

Joan has several books including:

She also offers classes and webinars, and you can find out more information on her websites:

www.joanprice.com  or  www.nakedatourage.com

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