Prepare for Retirement: Episode 079

Megan Giles helping people prepare for retirementDon't simply retire from something, have something to retire to!

Megan Giles supports those approaching retirement to successfully transition and create a retirement they will love to live! This is achieved through action-focused planning sessions and workshop facilitation. The key to success for the people who work with Megan is structured planning, looking beyond the finances, harnessing opportunities, informed decision making and tailored actions.  Megan and I talked about how she helps people prepare for retirement.

Just as we do here at Rock Your Retirement, Megan focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement. (YES a kindred spirit!) She likes to look at the whole person and what really enables the quality of life. She looks at things like; how you connect to people, how emotionally supported you are and do you feel you have a purpose?

It's never too late to make changes and create a greater sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in life after work. Acknowledging that you're struggling but willing to take some action is actually an incredible strength.

What does a mini coaching session look like? How do you prepare for retirement?

Talk about work:

  1. What is it that drives you?
  2. What is that you don't enjoy and look forward to never having to do again?
  3. How do you translate these things into figuring out what you want to maintain in your retirement?
  4. Do you want to fully retire or do you want to use your expertise to mentor someone or to volunteer?

Talk about life outside of work:

  1. What is it outside of work that you enjoy?
  2. What is the stuff you used to enjoy that you don't really have time for?
  3. Who do you like doing these things with?
  4. How do you bring these things into action?

You need is a plan to prepare for retirement from Day 1. This doesn't mean your days have to be completely full. Allow yourself time to do nothing if you want. But, it is important to have some immediate actions and goals.

If you are retiring around age 60 to 65, you potentially have another 20 to 30 years ahead of you. You'll have the opportunity to change or deviate from your path. Don't feel like you are locked into one thing forever. Have a focus for now, but you can always come back around and revisit your plans and goals. There is no right or wrong. The beauty is that it's your retirement and you are writing your story.

Megan provided a wonderful tool for our listeners. It is a planning sheet called I'm Retiring But I'm Not Done Yet! Staying Relevant And Connected in Life After Work. You can get it for free by going to www.RockYourRetiremenet.com/Relevant

Contact information for Megan: Email megan@megangiles.com  www.facebook.com/megangilescoaching  www.megangiles.com

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Megan is now a guest writer for the Rock Your Retirement show.  You can find her first post right here.

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