RE030: Vintage Dresses and Gowns

Dorothy Nicol with her Vintage Dresses and GownsHenry talks with Dorothy Nicol about her vintage dresses and gowns.

Dorothy is 87 years old. She has lived her entire life in the small town of  Lismore which is located in Victoria Australia. She absolutely loves her hometown and she wanted to do something to help the town and the community when she retired.

Dorothy says her hobby is living in the 20th century

Dorothy has an amazing collection which includes thousands of 20th-century vintage dresses and gowns. She began collection many years ago and the collection grew so much, she needed more space! Henry and Dorothy talk about how she purchased a property she had cherished since she was a young girl, and turned it into a small tourist attraction. Sometimes Dorothy feels like she is unorganized because she has so many items! She admits she isn't like a boutique shop, she prefers the quaint, charming feeling of her store. She likes for people to come into her shop and be able to look around and touch the items. Touching most often is not allowed with vintage garments.

There are a lot of fascinating stories that go along with vintage dresses and gowns

Dorothy is very sentimental. You can hear her well up with emotion as she talks about these stores and the wonderful people she has met throughout the years.

Henry also takes a walk down memory lane with Dorothy as she reminisces about growing up in the town she loves so much. She began working at the age of 16 as a telephonist which was a manual switchboard Operator. She held that same job until she married in 1950 and never worked anywhere else. If you have seen old movies where the operators are pulling plus, that is what Dorothy did!.

She has never learned to use the computer and is full of nostalgia. She prefers a time when lives were a lot more uncomplicated and there was more of a community feeling.

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RE026: Passion for Steam Trains

David Mickle talks about his Passion for Steam TrainsDavid Mickle has had a passion for steam trains for 50 years.

Before David he retired at the young age of 70, he worked as an electrician. He looked forward to retiring so he would have more time to pursue his passion for steam trains.

When David was a young child he was fascinated with steam trains. His passion for steam trains only grew as he got older.

Henry and David discuss his volunteer work on the on the Puffing Billy which is a voluntary Railway group that operates a steam train in Australia. David was a volunteer laborer and helped to restore the cars and railways after a landslide.

They also discuss David's involvement with the Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club.

David was one of the very first members of this club and was also involved in the club for over 50 years.

Dave also restored a steam engine with the help of his friend. It was manufactured by the Yorkshire Steam Wagon Company and has a horizontal boiler on the front with Ackermann steering. There is nothing automatic about this steam wagon either. You have to stop to change gears. Henry and Dave talk about the restoration process and it really is amazing.

In listening to Henry's interview David, you can really tell how important this hobby is to David. He is a man with some fascinating stories who is more than happy to share them. There is some amazing history and heritage behind steam trains.

Do you have a passion for steam trains?

You don't have to actually own a steam train if you are interested in them. There are steam engine organizations where you can volunteer doing things such as working on the trains or driving the trains.

What is David advice for retirees? Find a hobby and keep your body active and your mind active. Sounds like great advice!

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This post about retirement and Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on http://RockYourRetirement.com

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