Diane Dahli’s Retirement Journey: Ep. 136

Diane Dahli's Retirement Journey

Diane Dahli is a retired teacher of 15 years. She is all about enjoying her retirement and living her passion, which is currently her blog. It took a Diane awhile to realize her passion and purpose post-retirement. After attempting to jump back into the classroom and sitting still for quite some time, she decided to pursue writing in the form of a blog. She has loved it ever since and would like to continue doing it as long as she can.

Her Retirement Journey

Diane also loves to read. She has read books like The Writer’s Way and The Purpose of Life. She also joined a self-awareness group in the midst of trying to discover her purpose. Diane wasn’t looking for busyness in her retirement, she was looking for purpose, something meaningful.

She found herself wondering if she retired too early if there was something else she needed to do in teaching. After applying for a job in a classroom, she got a job in a resource room. It was a very intense position. At the end of six months, she clearly knew she didn’t want to go back to teaching.

Diane spent time gardening, volunteer and spending time with her grandson. She also took a year-long course in herbalism and grew herbs, something she still does. While she loved these things, they still didn’t capture her full, long-term attention. She was immersed in life but also had this idea that there must be something more that she wasn’t getting to.

How she found her purpose in Retirement

She eventually decided to revisit something she had always wanted to do, to write. At first, she didn’t know what to write about. Eventually, she decided to write about her generation after researching and discovering blogs, such as Time Goes By, about The Silent Generation.

Her daughter was tech savvy and helped her design her blog website. She has now been blogging for three years. Diane gets up every morning at 5 a.m. to write for about two hours before her husband gets up. She finds all that is involved in blogging, including the social media, very fulfilling.

Retirement advice from Diane:

Get some professional help. If that doesn’t work, just start daydreaming.

In this episode:

  • Retirement advice from retirees
  • How Diane found her passion and purpose in retirement
  • Diane's Retirement Journey
  • Settling into doing nothing
  • The traditional retirement route
  • Diane’s decision to try a second shot at the classroom
  • Ways Diane spent her time in retirement
  • How Diane got started blogging

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