RE029: Passion for Art in Retirement

Di Lockwood talks about her passion for artHenry interviews Di Lockwood on her passion for art.

Before retiring at the age of 54, Di was a teacher for about 37 years. She always has a strong love for art and she knew once she retired she was going to pursue her passion for art. She even planned and prepared for it before she retired by studying and taking courses. When she did retire, she took up visual arts and decided she like printmaking the most. Di created an art gallery in her home. It is a not for profit gallery and she only charged a small amount just to help pay for the insurance she has to have.

Di doesn't do what she does for the money (she doesn't really make money) she truly loves what she does and has a true passion for art.

Henry sat down with her and talked about her passion.  Di talked about her experience teaching art. She told us a story of a young man from Afghanistan who she said, was extremely talented. He had never painted once in his life until he was in the Darwin Detention Center. (Which is an Australian Immigration detention facility)

Henry and Di also talk about:

  • How she made a studio in her home  (wouldn't that be lovely!)
  • Her idea to set up a not for profit art gallery for emerging artists
  • How she was able to provide a space where refugee women could gather and she helped them establish themselves in the community
  • Jackson Pollock’s painting ‘Blue Poles’

Not to be outdone, Di has her own Facebook Page!  If you would like to check out Di's Facebook go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/librandogma/

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