Talking Poop with Melissa Ramos: Ep 082

Talking Poop with Melissa Ramos

I am talking poop with Melissa Ramos!

Melissa is a Nutritionist focusing on Chinese Nutrition Therapy and owner of Sexy Food Therapy Inc. She helps people feel sexy from the inside out with a focus on digestion and hormone imbalances.

Melissa's journey began when she got sick. She started to see a nutritionist and discovered she had digestive issues. Melissa went and studied nutrition and from there, she studied Chinese Medicine right afterward. She began a blog basically just for fun. In the beginning, she was blogging about how she emotionally ate the right way and was documenting a lot of dating stories. To her surprise, a bunch of people started reading it and the business focus changed. A lot of it changed based on her personal struggle with digestion and a near death experience that she discusses in the interview.

The Poop Whisperer

People get nervous about talking openly about poop. They will go to an entirely different floor of an office building to poop just so that no one knows they are going.

Talking poop is important as it can tell a lot about your health.

As you get older your digestion declines. 70% of women will get fibroids by the age of 50. So what do YOU need to know about your poop? What should you be looking for? (And according to Melissa, yes, you should be looking)

  1. Frequency
  2. Shape
  3. Pellet poop
  4. Loose Poop
  5. Color
  6. How many wipes
  7. Proper bowel elimination

Don't poop enough? Melissa gives us some great tips in the interview on what we can do to increase the frequency and improve our bowel movements.

Happy Pooping!

Contact information: http://sexyfoodtherapy.com

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