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Steven Loring, Senior Speed Dating Film Maker

Steven Loring, Senior Speed Dating Film Maker

Steven Loring, award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter, filmed “The Age Of Love”, a documentary which follows 30 people in their 70’s and 80’s participating in a senior speed dating event.  New love can be found at any age.  Listening to Steven tell his story will definitely make you want to see his film!

After discovering that a senior speed dating event was to take place, Steven had the challenge of getting all participants to agree to his filming.  The responses surprised Steven and will surprise you as well.

Many seniors have resigned themselves to thinking that finding love is not possible.  There is a general feeling that after a certain age desire for both physical and emotional love fades away.  To make things worse, seniors tend to keep quiet about their feelings of loneliness.

In filming “The Age Of Love” Steven made the following observations:

  • The desire for both physical and emotional love is still present regardless of age.
  • The desire for something as simple as touch can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • The need is much deeper than what society terms as “companionship.”
  • Age strips away looks, status, and financial compatibility.  This leaves only the desire to connect with someone who understands us and who will be there we need it.
  • You can feel the same emotional giddiness that we all have felt as teenagers!

People in more than 14 countries have seen it.  It moves past age, sex, economic level, and social background of the viewers.  Age is the great equalizer and it will affect all of us.

You can find the films at venues that have scheduled screenings, but it may be available in the future via streaming or DVD.

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And don’t forget to get your free copy of “8 Senior Dating Tips” at https://rockyourretirement.com/love.

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