Why a Care Manager is the Secret Ingredient: Episode 098

Ann Butterfield talks about having a care managerDoes Mom need help but you are tapped out?

I brought Ann Butterfield to the show to explain how an Aging Life Care Manager can help you.

If you've heard the term “Geriatric Care Manager”, it's the same position.

Ann explained that a Care Manager actually quarterback's your loved one's care.  She deals with all of the people who care for your loved one.  This quarterbacking can include:

  • A Life Care Manager manages the Caregivers.
  • Doctors–going to doctor appointments, and facilitating communication between the family members, the doctor, and the client.
  • Attorneys: Elder Law Attorneys, Estate Planning attorneys, and others need to interact with the client and family, and the care manager helps facilitate this.
  • The Care Manager interacts with Trustees to meet the client's needs.
  • Other Experts: care managers bring them in when necessary.
  • Financial: including the accountant and Power of Attorney.  The Life Care Professional provides information on government benefits and assists the client in obtaining them where warranted.
  • Housing options: Evaluation and selection of appropriate housing such as assisted living options or memory care.
  • Family members:  Long Distance family members and others need help adjusting and coping with everyday concerns and conflicts that arise.

She told a story about “Betty” who was caring for her elderly mother.

When mom moved from Washington State to San Francisco, there was a lot to coordinate.  You might be in this situation yourself:

  • You have a full or part-time job
  • Children or grandchildren depend on you
  • Someday you'd like to go out to lunch with a friend

When caring for a loved one, you've got to make phone calls (hundreds of them!), you've got to shop for yourself AND your loved one, you've got to coordinate with the caregivers. Not only that, but you also have to deal with doctor's visits, assisted living situations…the list goes on and on.

Aging Life Care™, also known as geriatric care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.

Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers through:

Assessment and monitoring

Planning and problem-solving

Education and advocacy

Family caregiver coaching1 

Ann was a nurse before she became a care manager, and it turns out that caregivers come from many backgrounds.  Many have had personal experience with family members and so discovered the need for these services.  

A Care Manager takes much of your burden, especially when you are out of the area.  

Ann can be reached at Ann@BoutiqueCareManagement.com or if you want more information on care managers in your area, go to https://www.aginglifecare.org/

This article was originally published on http://RockYourRetirement.com

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