RE0018: RVing across Australia

Photo of Rod Holt who is RVing across Australia with his wife Tina.Rod and Tina Holt wanted to explore Australia after working hard physical labor all their lives.

They decided on a life on the road in a RV, known as a caravan in Australia.  Now they are RVing across Australia.

Rod, being very independent loves the freedom of the wide open road, not to mention the absence of stress!

But just how do you start to live the RV life?

Henry and Rod had a great discussion about living this lifestyle, caravaning and how free it feels.  He asked them how they started (after all, moving into such a tiny movable space isn't something that you do every day for sure!)  The Holts started small.  They new that they needed to acclimate themselves to this lifestyle so they started with short trips to get acquainted with living in an RV, and then they decided to see every corner of Australia.  That's when they began RVing across Australia.

During the interview Henry gets them to discuss issues such as:

  • How to choose the right RV for you
  • Important issues to look for
  • Where to store your RV
  • How to stay safe on the road
  • The pleasures of going where ever you want to go

Rod took control of his life at an early age, and this allowed Tina and him to design a life around their own priorities.  They were more concerned about their lifestyle than getting a good education and then working for the rest of their lives.

Rod cares more about freedom, meeting new people, and exploring!

If you want to learn more about how to include RVing into your Retirement lifestyle, or how you can actually live in an RV, check out Rock Your Retirement Episode 48, How to Live in an RV.

What about you?

Tell us about your experiences in an RV in the comments below.

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