Rock your Retirement Community Rules

Hi You, I’m so glad that you joined this group!

This is a place where we can share our triumphs and our mistakes. We can share photos of the places we’ve traveled. We can talk about things we are thinking of doing. And yes, we can even talk about what we liked or didn’t like about that episode you just listened to on the RockYourRetirement.com show or blog post you just read. All posts should always be done in a loving and supportive way though.

For example, if you didn’t like the episode on College Planning for your Grandchildren, you can say, “I like the show, but the episode on College Planning didn’t apply to me”. What you CAN’T say is, “That episode on college planing was stupid.” Get it?
Also, it’s not a place to promote your own show or product. If you are in the group because you were interviewed, YES I want you here!
But remember, it’s the Rock Your Retirement community, not the “your podcast or your blog” community. Obvious promotion of promotion of your business is not appropriate here. How can you then, let people know about your own show or blog or business inside this group?

It’s OK to ASK a question or SHARE an interesting article THAT YOU DID NOT WRITE here. Then if there is engagement on your question or article posting, feel free to post a link to your website, or podcast or whatever. But if there is crickets….no one answered your question or responded, please don’t post your link.
It’s also OK to answer a question that someone else poses and refer that person to a blog post, podcast episode, or place on your website where the question is answered.

You can also participate in the “Days” that we have so that people can get to know you.

  • Monday: Pet Day (Post a photo about a pet or former pet, or talk about what pet you want)
  • Tuesday: Travel Day (Post a photo of somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you want to go!)
  • Wednesday: Health Day (Post a photo of you exercising, eating right, drinking water or just tell us what you are doing to maintain your health.
  • Thursday: Volunteer or Philanthropy Day: Let us know what charities you support with either your time, money, or both
  • Friday: Free Stuff Day! What are you doing that is free or extremely low cost to share with everyone to give them ideas on what they can do if they are on a budget?
  • Saturday Sandwich Day: No, it’s not a day to post the BLT you had for lunch. It’s the day that you post photos of your grandkids, ask questions that you have about your parents or aging parents, and anything else that you want to ask our community.
  • Sunday Gratitude Day: This is the day where you post what you are grateful for.

The reason we have this site is to build community. We want a safe place for our members to talk about their real issues, triumphs, and retirement failures. We don’t want them bombarded with links to your website, book, or other materials. They can listen to the 30 minute interview that you did on the show and get all of that.

Thanks again for joining.

Kathe, the Rock Your Retirement Podcast Host and Administrator of this community.

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