Rosemary Savage says Volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Retirement

Rosemary Savage says Volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Retirement

Today Henry interviewed Rosemary Savage, a retiree who tells us what its like to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Retirement:

Henry found out that Rosemary and her husband were a regular couple who raised a large family. They looked forward to traveling and also helping others.  Rosemary's husband Keith passed away, but they had discussed the fact that he wanted to volunteer.  He found that he wanted to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Retirement.

  • Meals on Wheels is an international organization which involves delivering meals to elderly or incapacitated people in your own
  • Community.  Even though Keith is no longer with her, Rosemary continues “meals on wheels” with the help of her daughters, not because she feels obligated, but because she loves it.
  • You can volunteer around your travel plans.
  • Let your basic humanity shine through.  Henry was impressed by Rosemary's humble nature and her humanity certainly shined through.
  • By being a volunteer for Meals on Wheels you can help your neighbors and give your own life purpose and meaning.

Because Keith and Rosemary planned for their retirement financial, they were able to travel the world.  They drove with a caravan (RV in the USA) to almost every part of Australia and loved it.  They also made lasting friendships along the road.  If you are interested in caravaning (RVing for US based people), listen to the episode on RVing or Read MORE here.

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To learn more about Meals on Wheels, find your location below and click on the link.

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