Margaret Cook Making the most out of life

Henry interviews Margaret Cook, a serial entrepreneur, about making the most out of life.

Margaret started her married life in an RV! And she's not afraid of learning either.  Her zest for it gave her the opportunity to learn what she needed to know in order to build a coffee shop in her hometown. This is a fascinating story of someone not afraid to follow her own path, and not afraid to put in the time to learn.

Henry learned how Margaret is making the most out of her current life.

Margaret did a lot of things.  She worked as a nurse when she was young.  This woman even taught herself how to upholster furniture.  She purchased and ran a shop to showcase her furniture.  And she's been a hairdresser. Not only that, but she's also been a massage therapist. This woman has done it all!

In her current life of setting up and running the coffee shop, she's had to learn a host of new things. This includes the legal aspects in her area. It includes deciding on what to add to the menu.  Additionally, she needed to figure out her niche, or what type of clients she wanted.  And…what about the competition?

The cool thing is that she created this “room within a room”.  The shop is called “Antiques and Coffee” and is located in Lismore, Australia.  Margaret has a list of ongoing projects including her “Stage Two” which will be taking an extra lot that is next to her family's farm into another eating place.   You can learn all about it by listening to the episode. Just click the play button and you can listen now.

Margaret received inspiration the book ’The Life You Are Born To Live’ by Dan Millman.  She really liked the advice in the book to “make good of bad” and that's what she did.

Margaret's motto: Make the most out of it. We only live once. You should go out and seize the day.

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