Life after Politics

Caroline Hogg tells us about her Life after Politics

Henry interviewed the Honorable Caroline Hogg, MLC. She talked about her life and responsibilities as a Victorian Government Minister. She also shared her current retirement lifestyle.

What is her Life after Politics like and what is she doing now?

There are good times and bad times in government no matter what country you live in.  She had personal triumphs.  But there were disappointments too. Whether you are in the USA, Australia, or another part of the world you will be able to relate. Caroline tells us a couple of stories which graphically demonstrate the pressure and responsibility which politicians take on our behalf.

Caroline explained the discipline that was necessary to deal with the workload of parliament and how that translated into her private life after she resigned.

She was looking forward to enjoying a relaxed country life after politics, but that's not what happened because her friends and colleagues heaped more responsibilities on her.

You will be fascinated to learn about politics from the inside. Caroline represents the values and ideals of the best of them … no matter what party they represent. And…no matter what party you are in, remember, there is life after politics.

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Henry's Notes for USA readers:  Much like the US, in Australia we have state governments.  In Australia they are comprised of an upper and lower house.  The Legislative Assembly is the lower house and the Legislative Council is the upper house.

Caroline was a member of the upper house in the state of Victoria for seventeen years, and she was a Minister for much of that time.  She held the positions of Education, Health, and Social Services.  These are all large areas of responsibility with monster budgets in the billions of dollars.

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