Leda Sant says learn to ride a motorcycle later in life

Leda Sant says learn to ride a motorcycle later in life

Henry Shapiro interviews Leda Sant who wanted to learn to ride a Motorcycle later in life.

Leda had worked in the freight department for Qantas, and told us about some interesting things about working there.  She needed to understand what could fit in the freight area of the airplane.  Henry shared that he used to be a deer farmer and that they moved them via planes.  Leda said that every day at Qantas was a different day, and she even moved a small aircraft inside another airplane!

Retired twice, because of boredom, she knew she had to have something to keep her busy.

Her second retirement was planned so that her husband would retire, but that's not happened as of the recording of the episode! She indicated that retirement lifestyle includes activities to keep your mind alert and to keep physical.  Start ticking things off your bucket list.  One of those for Leda was to learn to ride a motorcycle later in life.

She started riding at 45 with menopause (about 14 years now). She said it keep her mind active because you have to be alert when you are riding a bike. Henry learned how to ride when he was 18.  He rode until he was 22 and stopped when he got married.  He met Leda and started riding again when he was 62.

They discussed the following:

  • Women on Motorcycles
  • Riding in Thailand, Vietnam, and Tasmania
  • Health Benefits of riding a Motorcycle
  • Learning how to Ride
  • Benefits of Motorcycle clubs
  • Staying Safe
  • BMW F 800
  • BMW 1200
  • Harley Davidson (for short rides)
  • Mentors
  • Falling
  • Riding in the Rain
  • Fingernails
  • Size of your Bike
  • Being Time Poor (Leda's business)

During the interview Leda mentioned that men's brains were in boxes, which caused Henry to say bzzz.  Ninety nine percent of you will probably be wondering what that is all about.  It comes from a hilarious YouTube clip about the difference between men and women.  Here is the link, I guarantee you will like it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XjUFYxSxDk

If you think you want to learn to ride a motorcycle later in life, here are some links:

  • Ulysses Club  :  http://www.ulyssesclub.org/
  • Motorcycle safety information.  I learned a heap from this site.  :  http://www.msgroup.org/default.aspx
  • Twist of the Wrist:
  • For clubs in your area just search ‘motorcycle club + your suburb' in Google or Facebook.  Social motorbike clubs will always welcome new members and help inexperienced riders.

Special Thanks to:

  • Angie Strehlow who helps us get great guests that help us with our retirement lifestyle while keeping everything on track
  • Les Briney who edits the show and makes my guests and me sound terrific
  • Lesinda Tubalado who helps keep the website up to date
  • Henry Shapiro, host of Retired Excited that airs on Fridays
  • YOU the listener for sharing on social media, and telling your friends about it

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