Phillip Jackson is Bird Watching in Retirement

Phillip Jackson is Bird Watching in Retirement

Bird watching in Retirement? Henry interviews Philip Jackson about Bird Watching in Retirement. 

Phillip is an avid bird watcher (also known as “twitcher” in Australia).  He planned to pursue that interest when he retired from teaching.

Phillip has actually retired twice.  Henry said he liked it so much he had to do it again.  Listen to the episode to find out how.

Henry talked with him about how he managed his two retirements, how he supplements his income, and why he supplements his income now he has left full time work.

But what Phillip really likes to do is bird watching in retirement.  Henry and Phillip talked about it and they discussed his retirement lifestyle:

  • Anyone can enjoy bird watching.  Novices can enjoy it as much as experienced people.
  • It is truly an activity for all ages, sexes and variety of people.  It doesn't matter if you are athletic, male or female.  The birds are there for everyone to enjoy.
  • Philip introduced us to the resources he uses to locate specific species, and the cataloging which he enjoys.  Of course cataloging is not mandatory to the hobby.
  • Bird watching is compatible with a great number of other activities which birders often run simultaneously.  For example, camping and photography are the two obvious ones, but some people come to the hobby from simply keeping a couple of pet budgies (parakeets) and developing the interest from there.  Some people start simply by gazing out their window at their bird feeder.

Philip recommended a book for people interested in Australian history, but he couldn't quite remember the title.  Henry found it:  ‘Lost Relations: Fortunes Of My Family In Australia's Golden Age' by Graeme Hewett, published by Allen & Unwin.

Other Books that were mentioned in the interview include:

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