Ted tells us about Lawn Bowling

Ted tells us about Lawn Bowling

Henry interviews Ted Goodacre about his Retirement Lifestyle, which has a lot to do with Lawn Bowling:

Listen to the show to learn how this natural entrepreneur took a wrong turn going home and it changed his life.  Ted tells us about intricacies of lawn bowling and how anyone with a bit of drive can create a lasting legacy.

Ted is the last active foundation member of the Lismore Bowls Club, and in recent years has taken on the job of green-keeper.   He takes the game very seriously and is highly competitive.  In this interview he describes the game, the rules and traditions, the type of people involved, and strongly asserts that there are no performance enhancing drugs involved in the sport!

Like many activities, we suspect lawn bowling becomes more and more addictive the longer you are involved.  It is a game which:

  • Can be just for fun and socialization
  • Bowlers can aim for the pennant competition
  • Doesn't take a lot of money to get started
  • Women and men of all ages and abilities can play, even those with minor disabilities.

If you think this is a sport which might interest you he recommends visiting a local club.  Chat with the members and see if its for you.

Henry and Ted also spoke about the Lions Club.  This is an international service club open to both men and women.  Henry knows that his local Lions' become involved in some excellent projects.  These ranged from providing specialist walking frames for disabled children, to cleaning up the roadsides of major highways.  In San Diego, CA, the Lions Clubs give free eyeglasses to children every year

You can find Lions Clubs worldwide at:  https://directory.lionsclubs.org/

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