Steve Pettersen is with us today to talk about what he is doing after retirement and he gives us an advice on what to do before or after retirement. You can listen to the show at http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/working-with-seniors-for-his-own-retirement-ep-39

Steve Pettersen is working with seniors for his own retirement.

Steve Pettersen is working with seniors

Steve Pettersen is working with seniors

Steve is now 66 years old and semi-retired. He spent the last ten years volunteering for Junior Achievement and the City of Carlsbad. He worked for UPS for 18 years in Sales/Marketing and in Logistics/Supply chain solutions division. He was part of

the Logistics Group that change the strategic direction of UPS.

Why is he working with seniors?

Steve has been a caregiver for the last three years.  He provides seniors non-medical services so the senior clients can stay at home. He also works part time in Sales/Marketing for seniors and been doing this for 3 months now.  He talks about the daily challenges of working with people who have dementia and how it takes patience and loving kindness.

Steve told us a couple of stories.  To hear the stories, be sure to listen to the show.  You can get instructions to listen on

your smartphone HERE, otherwise you can click on the player and listen on your computer.

One of his clients was a man with sleeping sickness “Bob”.  That's crazy right?  Who knew that we had sleeping sickness in San Diego?  Bob left a big impression on Steve, who was very impressed with “Bob’s” courage.  Coast News even created a news story about Steve and “Bob”.

Steve said that it takes a “certain type of individual” to do continue working with seniors.

He learned patience, love, kindness, and compassion.  It has made him a better person, Steve said.  He also that it is important to have engaged caregivers.  I can understand that because it didn’t seem like my father in law’s caregiver was engaged in her job at all.

In addition to working with seniors, he’s done the following activities during his retirement:

  • Steve worked in the kitchen at the Carlsbad Senior Center preparing and serving lunch.
  • He taught a cooking class to a group of 25 seniors for 2 years.
  • He taught 3rd graders a course called “City Stuff” for the last seven years in Carlsbad.
  • Steve taught Junior Achievement business courses to both middle school and high school Students all over North County.
  • Steve also volunteered at Scripps Memorial in Encinitas for 4 years.

What do you think people should know before they retire?

Steve said it’s important to have a life plan or activity plan. I’ve gotten requests before for help with this, so I created a guide for you, and you can download it for free at http://RockYourRetirement.com/lifeplan

What to do if you feel stuck?

When we retire we have fears to engage the unknown.  The desire to do other meaningful things can get lost.   So stay physically active, and give back by volunteering or working part time.

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