John Brocato traveling solo

John Brocato will talk to us about traveling solo.

John had the fortune (or misfortune) of growing up a Kansas City Royals fan living in St. Louis Cardinals territory. John’s two primary hobbies are baseball and travel. He decided to write a book about his adventures which is called Road Trips, Routes, and Royals.

John is the first to admit that he is difficult to travel with. He likes to go “off the beaten path”. This is one of the reasons he began traveling solo. John has some fascinating stories to tell about his travels and he gives a TON of great information in this episode.

John mostly travels to see baseball games, and works other travel around those games.  He also likes to visit Presidential Libraries.   There are still three he needs to visit.

Here are some of the tips John talks about in his interview for traveling solo and “on the cheap!”

  1. Start close to home to build your confidence
  2. Be loyal to certain hotel chains which will allow you to get points or rewards for discounted prices or even free nights
  3. Strike up conversations and talk with other travelers to get their recommendations for attractions or places to eat
  4. Know what you absolutely have to include on your trip first BUT also allow for spontaneous excursions
  5. Limit your driving to no more than 300 to 400 miles per day

John also talks about being a member of Rewards Network who is partnered with a number of different reward programs. You can earn hotels points, frequent flyer miles or other various incentive programs. He also uses the program to find obscure restaurants in various cities he visits.

If you would like to contact John check out his Facebook page where he posts his travel pictures!

John's Book: Road Trips, Routes, and Royals

Do you like to travel solo or have some tips for our listeners and readers?  Let us know in the comments below!

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