Death is something everyone fears to discuss. Let's take a look at what happens before and after we die. You can listen to the show at http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/the-silver-hour-what-happens-during-death

Marilyn Stoner- The Silver HourThe Silver Hour – 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after death

In this episode of Rock Your Retirement we talked with Dr. Marilyn Stoner.

She is a professor at California State University San Bernardino, and before that she was on Faculty at CSU Fullerton. She was also the Vice President for Ramona Home Care and Hospice in Hemet, California.

Dr. Stoner’s  passion is about end of life care and she has been working with seniors and in the senior care industry since 1998. Her grandparents owned a funeral home so she is also familiar with death. She is a Professor now and has discovered something called the SilverHour which is the 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after death. She developed a unified vision of what the last moments of life and the first moments of death are so that every care giver knows what to do.

The Silver Hour includes three phases, namely dying, death, and dead:

1st 20 minutes (Pre-mortem)

  • Loose conciseness
  • Changes in body temperature
  • Breathing changes
  • Make sure family and care givers knows death is imminent
  • Reassuring patient

Declared dead (Mortem)

  • Position body
  • Wash body/prepare body
  • Position body
  • Prayers

Post mortem

  • Family begins life as grieving relatives
  • Transport of body

Dr. Stoner also discusses that if you get some warning of death it is a gift. Use this time to have conversations with your loved one about end of life and what they would like. Start the conversations lightly and don’t try to discuss every detail all at once. Give your love one time and space if needed.Also, ask them if there is anything they would like to do. Complete items on a bucket list, or travel somewhere if they are able

Something people should know before they retire:

Think about what you want and start working on it. Research or watch YouTube videos and what you think you may like to do. Think about what your goal is.

How to get “unstuck” in your retirement:

Focus on how absolutely precious life is and it is not going to go on forever. Identify people you admirer. Is your life going to be spent on the couch or doing something?

Contact information for Dr. Stoner

Phone: (951) 534-9014

Email: nursestoner@gmail.com

Twitter and Pinterest: @drmstoner

Website: http://silverhour.info/

Links mentioned in the interview

POLST- http://www.polst.org/

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