Secrets about RetirementIn this week’s episode, I got featured in Yaya Diamonds' Dream Chasers podcast; This was 2 years ago to date and we talked about the Secrets about Retirement. Yaya has been inspiring and changing people’s lives for over 8 years. She believes that in every state of life, whether it’s the beginning or the end, there’s always something to do. Your life just doesn’t stop.

Retirement Is Just at the Tips of Your Fingers

You can retire at almost any age. One of my guests retired at 40. She and her husband were living in Los Angeles and they had these highly powered, highly pressured jobs working 80 hours a week. Then, one day she picked up all her stuff and moved to Costa Rica. That is why you can retire anytime you want; You just have to make sacrifices. Her sacrifice was really a great internet like what we have, but she still loves it.

Laugh and Have a Good Attitude

Another one of the secrets on retirement is laugh and have a good attitude. One of my guests on The Rock Your Retirement Show, her name is Vikki Claflin, she has Parkinson’s Disease, and she’s still young for a person to have that disease. What she did is that she wrote a book called, Shake, Rattle & Roll With It: Living & Laughing with Parkinson's Chronicles. Even though she got this horrible disease, she still manages to laugh, have a good time, and have a good attitude towards life.

Keep On Moving Even in Retirement

People need to move even in retirement, I’m not going to say that you need to go to the gym and lift weights. You just need to move, get up, walk around, garden, or dance. Any type of Retirementmovement if going to be better, even if it hurts a little. Just like when we get older, people get arthritis. What happens is you got pain in your joints; Your tendency is to not move. But if you just work through that little bit of pain, you will save yourself a lot of pain down the road.

Create a Support Group

Create a support group in person. Several of my guests came on and they talked about how they were depressed, or having physical problems. Their lives changed when they started getting together with people because there’s nothing like face-to-face support group.

The next secret about retirement is having an active sex life. I also had a couple of guests on my show that talked about sex. One guest was Joan Price, she has a website that reviews sex toys. Giving advice about love making for older people.

It’s hard when you’re young and think about things you’re going to do or how you’re going to feel when you get old. But the thing is that people are living longer and longer and also healthier. Age is just a number; You don’t have to put things away when you get older.

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