Do you care about your parents' safety? Of course, we all do. Let's take a look at how one family managed to get their dad a stairlift.

Safe at Home

The family was very nervous and wanted to make sure he wasn't going to fall down the stairs.  They wanted him to be safe at home.  Dad was stubborn and didn't want to admit that he was getting older, and they were nervous knowing that he could fall down the stairs at any moment.

How did they do it?

What did they say to him to get him to ride the stair-lift to find out that it was safe for him and his beloved dog?  How were they able to make him safe at home?  You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

Kindra at 101 mobility makes it easy for her clients to keep their parents' homes safe.  101 Mobility is a national franchise that assists elders in the area of:

  • Aging Safe at home
  • Stairlifts
  • Ramps
  • Auto Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Everything but Face Lifts!

Her company does a free home assessment to let you know where the dangers lie in your parent's home.  In my own case, I knew that the throw rugs in my father's home was dangerous, and it would have been nice to have a professional tell that to my father.

You can help free your parents from their home. It happens to elders as they become less and less mobile.  Kindra tells us how we can help.  She knows how because she is a certified aging in place specialist.

They can widen doorways, add grab bars, and complete other work that will make your parent's home safe to live in.  After all, we all want to live in our own homes, right?  We all want to be safe at home.

Hear about how you might be able to get your own reluctant family member into 101 Mobility or another organization that can help.  It can be done.

You will have peace of mind and will be able to Rock Your Retirement when you know that your parents are safe at home.

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