In this episode, Betsy shares her retirement story, which started with a fun goodbye party with her co-workers and husband. She then took a trip to Morocco, where she discovered that traveling there can be affordable. Betsy immersed herself in the culture by bargaining with shopkeepers, visiting nomad camps in the Sahara, and visiting a Hamam. She was also impressed by the well-traveled older people on the trip who gave her advice on retirement. Betsy learned that age is just a number and that one should pursue their passions and explore the world.

Betsy also talks about the nomadic lifestyle of the Berber people and how they have to pack up and move to another area when the area they were in dried up due to a lack of grazing grounds. She found the experience fascinating and inspiring, as it reminded her that it's never too late to make a big change.

Lastly, Betsy recommends checking local gyms, senior centers, and universities for free or discounted classes, as these can bring joy and fulfillment in retirement. It's vital to stay active and engaged in retirement, and these places offer a variety of activities that can keep you busy and motivated. Overall, Betsy's story is a reminder that retirement can be an exciting time to explore new places, try new things, and learn more about the world.

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