Photo of Agnes Parcesepe who tells us about Painting in Retirement.The common belief is that artists have to starve for years before becoming successful.

Agnes Parcesepe is living proof that it doesn’t have to be the case. She started painting young, and is still painting in retirement.

Agnes talks about her progress from simply liking art in her youth, to taking up painting later in life. She then transitioned from student to teacher in a few short years. This artist has won a myriad of competitions, she's had international exhibitions, and patrons have purchased her paintings purchased and hung them all round the world. Amazing stuff when you stop to think about it.

She has a passion for creativity and painting, and love of the natural world.

This is not to say she makes her living painting, because she doesn't.  But that isn't her objective anyway. The objective doesn't have to be money when you are painting in retirement .  Agnes'  intense drive to improve and commitment to complete projects has funded her hobby and given her immeasurable satisfaction and a part income.

Henry and Agnes discuss how to take YOU can take up painting in retirement.  They tell you what your first steps need to be, how and where to learn, and then how to become better known and how to market your works.

You might ask…”What medium should I use”?  Agnes very strongly recommends experimenting with a wide variety of mediums to really establish which you like best and which one suits your style and subject matter.

Painting in Retirement does not cost a lot to enter, and it is also relatively portable.

Like photography or bird watching you can engage in painting or drawing at home, on holiday, in the city, in the country … anywhere.

You can see Agnes’ works on her website at www.agili.com.au or contact her if you like at seahorse@agili.com.au

At one point in the interview Henry and Agnes discuss a health related issue that Agnes has been overcoming with natural therapies. You can listen to the episode by clicking on the play button or subscribing on your smartphone.

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