Judith French is breeding dogs in her retirementJudith French is breeding dogs in her retirement.

In this episode, Henry speaks with Judith French.  Judy was in nursing before she retired.  She has also been married for 54 years!  She was looking forward to her retirement so she would have more time to do things such as gardening and reading.

Judith truly loves breeding dogs.  She spends a lot of her free time doing this and she loves her dogs.  Judith began breeding animals even before she retired. In fact. she grew up in a family which bred and showed animals, so she is no stranger to the show arena.

Judith initially started with cats, but then switched to breeding dogs.  She and Henry discuss the many breeds she has raised and loved throughout the years.

Mentioned in the show:   https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=WATERMILL

*Please note: We realize that dog breeding is a sensitive subject for some of our listeners and readers.  The Rock Your Retirement show does not endorse… nor does it condemn breeding dogs.   Kathe currently enjoys two rescue dogs and a bird.  She believes that pets can keep you healthy and help you live longer.   Each person must decide on his or her own whether to get a pedigreed dog, show dog, or a rescue dog.

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