Did you ever think about taking care of Alpacas? Julie Roy talks about it in this podcast episode.  You can listen to the show at the bottom of the page or on your smartphone.

Raising AlpacasRocking Retirement by Raising Alpacas!

In 2004 Julie and her husband left their corporate jobs in San Diego to live on 10 acres. At the time, she was still the president of the San Diego Professional Coaching Alliance which had 200 members.  She drove 90 miles every month to lead the meetings. She still coached some of the time, yet yearned for more. Enter raising alpacas!

They converted 2.5 acres into what is now Alpacas of Anza Valley.


  • Julie spends time with children who want to see the animals.
  • She enjoys writing and talking to people about them.
  • Don and Julie have been married for 25 years.
  • They are both enjoying their retirement doing something they love and are passionate about!


  • Julie and her husband raise show quality alpacas.
  • They board, breed and assist other new comers to the industry.
  • Educational programs on the best ways to be successful with an alpaca business.
  • She has assisted with some of the 138 babies delivered at their ranch.
  • Julie also runs a successful Boutique filled with handmade items created with yarn from her own herd, or imported from Peru. Including dryer balls!
  • They give guided educational and hands-on tours to local groups and individuals year round.



  • Julie meditates.
  • They raise their own vegetables.
  • Taking care of these lovable creatures is great exercise!

Julie had a plan and knew what she wanted to do before she retired. She thinks having a plan is the best advice.  Figure out what your passions are and what gets you excited. Listen to your heart and take chances.

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