In this episode of the Rock your retirement show, Kathe Klein interviews Betsy, who is nearing retirement. Betsy has been planning her retirement and has many exciting plans lined up. She discusses her desire to try new things and has adventures in her post-work life.

However, Betsy has not yet given her notice of retirement at work and is waiting until she is within six weeks of the date to avoid any issues. She also discusses her plans to stay active and engaged in her daily life, including taking a water exercise class and volunteering.

Betsy is encouraged by her friend Sherry, who recently retired and is actively considering her online presence and how she can stay connected after retirement. She is also thinking about empty nest syndrome, as one of her children has recently left for college.

Betsy is excited about taking a big trip and hopes to have a reunion with some family members in Northern Ireland. Finally, she is keeping an eye on the stock market in anticipation of a potential Santa Claus rally in December.

This episode is full of insightful discussions about planning for retirement, staying active and engaged, and finding new ways to enjoy life. It is a must-listen for anyone who is planning their retirement or nearing the end of their working years.

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