In this episode of “Rock Your Retirement,” host Kathe Kline welcomes guest Betsy H, who shares her recent adventures in retirement. Betsy excitedly talks about her upcoming trip to Italy during a less busy time of year, detailing their plans to navigate the country using buses and taxis, as well as hiring a private driver for a few days. She looks forward to visiting iconic sites like Pompeii and the Isle of Capri, with private tours and boat trips on the agenda.

The conversation takes a turn towards Betsy's newfound hobbies in retirement, including taking CPR and first aid classes, as well as pickleball classes. They discuss the importance of proper gear for pickleball, specifically shoes designed for either outdoor or indoor courts. Betsy shares her experiences at senior centers and taking brain stimulation classes, highlighting the significance of socializing and staying mentally active during retirement.

Betsy talks about her love for leisure reading and her current read, “The Life List,” which explores the concept of creating a list of things to do while young. She also shares her excitement about her recent trip to Dallas, where she bonded with her family and enjoyed swimming with a fabric mermaid tail. The conversation broadens to touch on Betsy's summer getaways to Michigan and Wisconsin, emphasizing the beautiful beaches, dunes, and wineries the regions have to offer.

The episode also includes updates from both Betsy and the host. Betsy discusses her new volunteering work at a food pantry, finding fulfillment in contributing to addressing the issue of hunger. On the other hand, Kathe Kline shares her travel experiences, including a recent trip to Greece and Ireland, along with some mishaps like lost bags and an unpleasant bout of food poisoning. Despite the challenges, both guests emphasize their overall enjoyment of their respective trips.

Overall, this episode of “Rock Your Retirement” showcases Betsy's adventures in retirement, highlighting her travel plans, hobbies, and experiences, while delving into meaningful discussions about staying active, engaged, and fulfilled during the retirement years. The hosts' anecdotes and updates add a personal touch and relatability to the conversation, making it an engaging and enjoyable listen for retirement enthusiasts.

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