Why do people need YOU? Tweet is our today's guest and she will talk about why people need you. You can listen to the show at http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/people-need-you-episode-23

People Need You

Tweet was born and raised in Illinois and moved to California in 1988 where she lives with her husband and cat. Even then she said that People Need YOU.  She managed an RV park in El Cajon for 17 years and had one of the top-rated parks in the state. They even won an award for one of the best parks in the nation. Tweet retired from the RV park and then worked with her husband who was a construction claims consultant and expert witness.


Tweet and her sweetheart have been together for 30 years. She says the key to a happy marriage is to have your own interests, love each other, but give each other some time to do activities on their own with their own friends.


Although she's the first one to tell you that people need you, sometimes you just need to get away from it all.  Tweet and her husband love to travel, whether it’s exploring San Diego or taking trips to the Desert. They visit Palm Springs and Palm Desert frequently and they love it there!! Johnny Mathis performed at Aqua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage on 2/13/16. The couple they were with and they all got to go backstage and not only did she get to meet him she got a hug and kiss!   Her age group grew up with Johnny Mathis. Tweet says that Johnny Mathis was with her for her first date, first dance, and first kiss. She’s flying to Illinois to see a lifelong friend in May and will be seeing…. You guessed it Johnny Mathis!

She loves the following businesses in Palm Springs:

Tylers for hamburgers

Kitchen-Kitchen for kitchen items

Serena’s for jewelry


She walks her talk.  She says that people need you and she does what she can to help.  Look at all the volunteer work that she does!

  • Volunteers for The Lake Church helping with the monthly coffees and also the newsletter.
  • Secretary of her HOA and she also organizes a luncheon for the HOA members each month, In addition, she helps with landscaping and works with Arbor Well to help preserve the trees.
  • She is also active with Mom’s warehouse, which gives supplies to the Active Duty Junior enlisted military family on camp Pendleton.
  • Belongs to a group called the Questers which is a group concerned with the preservation and restoration and education about collectibles.
  • Every year, Tweet and her husband host several Marines every Thanksgiving. Tweet bakes dozens of cookies and cooks pounds of bacon, and Mark Country Club is kind enough to freeze these for her.  Tweet said that she’s not very good at making gravy (even though she collects gravy boats) so Mariahs has donated gallons of gravy for her Marines. Then when the Marines come, they can have a home-cooked meal.  Some of them have never had a Thanksgiving meal before.  She said that this has been a tradition that she and her husband have enjoyed for many years.

What do you think people should know BEFORE they retire?

People need YOU

Tweet says to volunteer somewhere: People need YOU.  Libraries, schools, military, etc are all looking for volunteers.  Figure out what you will do and start doing it.  Also, give your spouse time to volunteer or do what he or she wants as well.  It will help your marriage.

We have a lot of listeners who are new retirees or maybe feel stuck in their lives at the moment.  If you were sitting across the table from a new retiree, what’s the one piece of advice that you would give to have a successful retirement?

Be with people.  Get to know your neighbors.  If you don’t know anyone, make or buy some food and bring it over.  Become involved in a church. Everyone needs to have friends and to socialize.  It keeps us healthy.

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