Des Easton- Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Des Easton- Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Des Easton loves Long Distance Motorcycle Riding!

Traveling by motorcycle is fun, exhilarating but pretty energy zapping. Traveling hundreds of miles a day, day after day, sounds exhausting, But that is what retiree Des does .. for fun!

Members of ‘Far Riders’ and the ‘Iron Butt’ groups set themselves challenges of long distance rides most bikers would not consider. But don’t get the idea that this is a dangerous undertaking. They plan and practice, sometimes for years, before attempting these feats, and travel strictly in accordance with the law and speed limits.

Des explains the discipline and preparation which has allowed him to complete twenty thousand kilometers in twenty days. A challenge most of us wouldn’t even consider driving in a car. But he and his friends love it.

He describes the routine required, from planning fuel stops to committing to a special diet. Your first thought may be .. “I bet they cheat,” but he nails that thought by explaining the protocols and confirmations riders have to complete for their trips to be formally recognized by their association.

Long distance motorcycle riding is certainly not for every retiree, but if you are an experienced motorcyclist this is a new challenge, and a new group of slightly deranged fanatics you can hook up with. Even if you don’t ride, this is a great tale of courage and achievement. And Des tells a really gross story about one of his exploits!!

Web sites mentioned in the interview:

Far Riders website: www.farriders.com

Iron Butt Association website: www.ironbutt.com

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