Kathe on Blog Talk Radio: Life and RetirementThis episode takes you back on the 30th of January 2019, where I was a guest on Reverend Barbara Williams' BlogTalkRadio. In this episode, we talked about Life and Retirement and everything that would help bring positivity in your life. BlogTalkRadio is an audio web-based platform that allows anyone to create live and on-demand talk content on the web. If you’re a radio broadcaster at heart, BlogTalkRadio gives you the ability to go live with it’s web-based studio and host multi-participant broadcasts using just a computer and a phone.

Motivation for Writing My Journal

I was a retirement planner for a good 25 years, and I noticed that retirement and having a good life is not just about money. The people that I’ve worked with and all the financial advisors at that time all spoke only about money. So, I thought about what I could do. That is why I started the Rock Your Retirement Podcast back in 2016. After which, I started interviewing people and what I’ve found that there are actually 6 areas of life that make a good life and retirement.

These are:

  • Spiritual
  • Significant Other
  • Friendship
  • Purpose in Life
  • Family
  • Health

In the journal, people actually track these areas every day. You would give yourself a small goal each day. The first thing you would do is write down in the morning something that you’re grateful for. A visiting pastor from a congregation I kept on finding things you are grateful for said that, start the first day with something that starts with a letter A, and then on the next day finding something with a letter B. For example, let’s say on the first day, you’re grateful for Apples and on the second day, you’re grateful for the bench that you sit on in the park. And on the third, you’re grateful for cantaloupe. So, that’s kind of a good way to try to remember what you’re grateful for. This journal is not meant to spend hours on, it’s meant to be something quick in the morning and quick in the evening. Then you write a goal in either all six of the pillars.

How Can You Be Happy with Life and Retirement?

From the Rock Your Retirement Show, I’ve interviewed so many people.  Basically, what you have to do is you have to build that support system before you retire. But if you’ve already retired, and it’s too late to build that support, don’t worry, you could still build a support system but it really helps to start getting friends outside of work a year or two before you retire. One way that many of my guests have done this is through a website called Meetup.com. Sign up for a free account there and with that account, you can find meetups that are in person. Even though the program is online, you’re actually meeting persons. After that, you can search for something that you enjoy. Let’s say you like to hike, or bicycle, or garden, or like to read, these types of activities, there are other people in your city that like to do it to.

Social and Family Issues

We all have family issues. It’s hard because you don’t pick your family. God sorts of pick who your family is going to be and we all are there in the same house at one point but we all have our different perspectives.

I am not the expert at this, but that is why I try to make a little short goal every day of how I am going to be better.

Keeping Your Parents Safe at Homes

When I say keeping your parents safe at home, I’m talking about when they get too elderly, when things become dangerous for people to live by themselves. For example, in my generation, we have a lot of kids that are in college that we are still kind of supporting maybe not financially but emotionally and we have parents that are getting elderly, getting frail, they might have Parkinson’s disease or dementia. So, that is part of family issues as well. Trying to keep your family safe.

Life and Retirement: What People Need to Know Before Facing ItLife and Retirement

Before you retire, you need to know that depending on the type of job that you have, it might not be all roses. You might be busier in retirement than when you were working but unless you have something that is your purpose that you can replace that feeling of working, you might have problems adjusting. For some people their purpose is their grandkids, for some is their volunteer work. You have to figure out what your purpose is in life and retirement. God put us on Earth to do something. What is that something that God put you on Earth to do?


I had a guest on my show who said that anybody can have sex. Even if you physically can’t do it, we still need that physical touch and that physical connection that we get when we have sex. It doesn’t matter how old you are and it doesn’t matter if you’re frail. There are ways for you to have a sexual connection. Sex is a very important part of our life and when God gives us bodies to enjoy. He didn’t give us bodies to go out and desecrate them, but He gave us this body that we are supposed to enjoy with our life partner.

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