Kathe talks about how to save money on the TalkOneRadio showHow to save money during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Today I am running an interview where I was the guest on the TalkOne Radio Show. The host of the show is Alan Flowers and there is also a co-host named Skip.

This is a live local radio show but my husband and editor, Les, always works his magic to make me sound as good as possible so he did some light editing.

I was invited to talk about how to save money in today's times of trouble. As we all know COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and caused turmoil in many ways including financially. I have mentioned many times that we try to steer clear of discussing money on this show. However, I thought during this time, it might be beneficial and informative for my audience.

Even if we are financially set because of a pension, social security, or investments, these are troubling times. Almost everyone I know has been impacted financially at least to some extent. The stock market has plunged and many people who may not currently be feeling the effects of the weakened economy will very likely see some negative consequences in the future.

At the time of this recording, the state where I live, South Carolina, has over 275,000 people who have lost their jobs. The estimated job loss for the entire United States is between 16 and 20 million right now.

I wanted to inform people on how to save because my intention isn't to scare people but to educate and prepare people.  

Some of the cost-saving tips we talked about on the show are:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – I have managed to save over $100 a month on my phone bill! Learn how to save big bucks on this expense
  2. Cable Bill- Consider giving up cable and using streaming services
  3. Go to the Library- Your local library isn't just books anymore. You can get audiobooks, videos, and many other things! (For FREE)
  4. Three (or more) isn't a crowd- Consider getting a roommate or moving in with family as a way to save money on living expenses

I hope you enjoy this episode on how to save money.

Do you have any ideas on how to save money? Feel free to comment below! Let's share our ideas!

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