seasonal jobsHow can Seasonal Jobs help you Rock your Retirement?

Kelcy Fowler and Matt Moore are the new owners of CoolWorks.com. What is CoolWorks? CoolWorks has been a leader in connecting people seeking meaningful and exciting work with the employers who are looking for their enthusiasm. energy, and knowledge. They believe that you can and should love your job, and they want to help make that happen! They post job opportunities in great places– everything from national parks to ski resorts to retreat centers. and everything in between. Their journal profiles the exciting stories from CoolWorkers to inspire you to take that next step.

Whether you are still discovering your passion, need a seasonal career, or just feel the call to change paths, they have everything you need to help you find your next great adventure.

Let's meet the owners:

Kelcy is considered to be the Magic Wand Wielder, helping others pursue their own “grand” adventure. And Matt calls himself the Employer Wingman and Captain of Contracts. He’s got a true passion for Great Places and inspiring people from all walks to take the first step in finding their different path.

They have a resources section on their website called “Older and Bolder” which I love! The motto? “You’re more than a retiree, you’re Older and Bolder! You’ve got energy and dreams, and there are tons of opportunities out there for you.”

How does CoolWorks (seasonal jobs) work?

CoolWorks is a website where thousands of different employers across the country post their seasonal (meaning temporary jobs) and year-round job opportunities in great places. CoolWorks is completely free for the job seeker to browse and apply for jobs, you don't even need to sign up!  They also provide job seeker accounts to save searches and favorite employers and a great collection of Older and Bolder Resources.

If you are traveling and will be staying there for a while (or ever want a reason to travel somewhere wonderful and stay for a season) you can check their website and look for seasonal jobs available in the state that you're interested in. What a cool way to earn money, right? You get to enjoy the place where you are staying and at the same time, you're earning money. Win-win!

Why would someone want to go work if I am retired and don’t really need the money?

  • A lot of retired people are passionate about having new experiences and meeting new people. It's an opportunity to fill up your season with incredibly rewarding and exciting experiences and meeting lots of friends and creating lots of great relationships.

What skills do you need?

  • There are a lot of skill sets. It differs from employers but one of the most common that they are looking for in an employee is friendliness. If you are friendly or a people person, you have a higher chance of getting hired. If you aren't a people person, they have jobs for you too!

How do I apply?

  • All you have to do is visit their website, https://coolworks.com/, look for a job that you are interested in, and contact them! It's that easy.

If adventure, travel, and experiencing new places and meeting new people is anything that appeals to you, consider seasonal jobs and visit us at coolworks.com and give it a try. We believe we change lives one seasonal job at a time.

seasonal jobs

What are the advantages of having seasonal jobs:

  1. Flexible scheduling with no long-term commitment
  2. Learn something new
  3. Work in a new and unique setting
  4. Meet people and make new friends from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures.
  5. Make some extra money
  6. Get some physical activity
  7. You get to travel

Matt and Kelcy co-wrote an eBook with Susan Shain called The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs. One cool thing about this eBook is you name your price to buy it. You can select anything from $1 up!

You can find the eBook on either of the website's listed below or by going to https://www.coolworks.com/merc/ebook/

CoolWorks website – https://www.coolworks.com/

Susan Shain – https://susanshain.com/

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