Enjoy your life to the fullest. Listen to this podcast as Stella says her motto is “Go Do Enjoy!”.  You can listen to the show at http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/go-do-enjoy-ep-27

Stella Kanterakis says her motto is Go Do Enjoy!

Go Do EnjoyHow did Stella get the motto Go Do Enjoy?  Stella was originally from Michigan. She was married for 35 years and is now divorced. She has 2 great sons with 2 wonderful daughter-in laws and 1 beautiful granddaughter. She taught 3rd grade for 10 years and then retired to raise her son's. (Which was her 2nd career). Then, she took a job at Bullocks (now Macy's) for a short-term position which turned into a 3rd career of 19 years.

Stella was so ready for retirement she even made a big production on her last day of work including music, props, audience & video made for posterity, and that's why her motto is Go Do Enjoy!


Stella just recently attended her son’s wedding, which was on a yacht. She said you could feel the whole room was full of love. One highlight for her was Mother Son Dance.  She rocked the mother and son dance, and you can say that she lives by her motto, Go Do Enjoy!

Her parents lived with her the last 5 years of their lives. After they passed, (within 6 months of each other) Stella hit a wall but could move forward from it.  Learn how she did it by listening to today's episode.

Go Do Enjoy!

She enjoys a variety of activities including:

  • Dancing
  • Being on the back of a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
  • Attending Free concerts
  • Hosting parties at her house including her “Big Fat Greek Happy Hour” and a 50 Shades of Grey Party.

If YOU put your mind to it, you can think of things that can help YOU Go Do and Enjoy as well!


Stella also lives her motto of Go Do Enjoy by being a Volunteer:

  • She is an usher for live theater.  This is how she is able to go do enjoy without having to spend a lot of money! She gets to see the show and helps the theater out at the same time.
  • Brother Benno’s at Christmas time to serve free meals
  • Dove Library
  • Encinitas Kiwanis Club: She is able to live her motto of Go Do Enjoy by spending her time volunteering with the Kiwanis, and through the club, she helps with Captain Book by visiting schools to put on programs and give away free books


Stella believes in always trying to look your best and to embrace the aging process. She takes care of herself by eating healthy and takes a body conditioning class at her local senior center.

Something people should know before they retire: Life is not over when you retire, it's just the beginning of a new & wonderful chapter!! Go…Do…Enjoy!

How to get “unstuck” in your retirement: Go to a Meetup group or church or anywhere this a group of people to meet new people and make friends. Stella says you are the only one who can cure your own boredom.

Go Do Enjoy

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