People have been searching for the fountain of youth for a long time. In this podcast, Christine Burke will talk to us about the fountain of youth. You can listen to the show at the bottom of the page or on your smartphone.

Fountain of Youth

Christine Burke is a fitness trainer and coach at San Diego Premier Training in Carlsbad, CA, which is in San Diego, California's North County.

As an un-athletic child and overweight young adult, Christine understands first hand the obstacles in losing weight, learning to exercise and making the time for healthy habits. Her customized fitness programs are designed to find the fun in your journey for good health.

Are you looking for a fountain of youth?

Try exercise

  • Christine is an expert in different types of training. She does not cater to one specific type of person. She has clients ranging in age from 20s all the way up to their 90s with varying levels of abilities.
  • Older adults need to be trained differently than younger adults.
  • Exercise can increase your mobility, quality of life, and health.
  • Exercise is the fountain of youth
  • She talks about how in some cases, you can reverse some effects of aging with exercise — again exercise is the fountain of youth!
  • She has a client who, at the age of 72, has gone hiking in the Himalayas.
  • What is a standing or treadmill desk?

You are going to live a long time and don’t neglect your health.

Get up and start moving. Don’t sit as much as there is more to life than TV, so go get out and do stuff.

You can learn more about Christine and her light-hearted approach to fitness by contacting her: Cell: 760-575-4277 (Text)



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