In this episode, we hear the story of Betsy, who is just two weeks away from retiring from work. She shares her excitement about starting a new chapter in life and her plans to stay active and engaged in her community even after retirement. She also talks about the importance of acknowledging this significant milestone, like having a retirement party or going away party at work.

Betsy's retirement plans involve taking up new hobbies and pursuing her interests outside of work. She also discusses her retirement plans with her husband, including where they want to live and how they want to spend their time. Betsy plans to get involved in volunteer work and reconnect with old friends. She talks about how she and her friend discovered their trip fell over her stepson's spring break from college, which is an excellent opportunity for her husband and son to spend quality time together.

The speaker also shares their experience of reconnecting with college friends and creating new memories together during a recent girl's trip. They discuss their upcoming plans, such as a trip to Morocco and a retirement celebration, which will be discussed in the next episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show.

Overall, this episode is a reminder of the importance of staying active and engaged in life, even after retirement, and the value of reconnecting with old friends and creating new memories.

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