Downsizing may be hard for some people and in this episode, Susi Vine will give us tips on how to downsize and de-clutter. You can listen to the show at by clicking the link at the bottom of this page or by subscribing on your smartphone.

DownsizeSusi Vine began helping others downsize in November 2010

Since then, she has led crews as Team Leader, and she provides consultations for new clients who are considering their move.

Her crews pack and unpack and help people downsize.

Susi earned a BFA and studied Residential Design.  The company looks for people with her experience in design space planning and universal accessibility.  That experience supports the needs of their clients looking to de-clutter, downsize, and relocate to a new home or age in place.

They not only help people with downsizing and moves, but they also build lasting bonds with them.

Did you know that this kind of service existed to help others downsize?   Neither did I. Senior Move Masters helps their clients go from a 3000 square foot house into a 1200 square foot senior living facility.  It almost seems like magic.

In the episode:

    • Tips to downsize and de-clutter.
    • What services are offered by these types of agencies.
    • How Senior Move Masters provides as much or as little support you may need for your move.
    • Family members can provide stress free help with a move.
    • How to Find resources for the extra pieces of a move.

This is an exciting time because there are many more choices than we ever had before!  These include co-housing, aging in place modifications, and retirement communities.  Active Living Communities can remove all the obligations and details and make life as carefree and active as you want it to be!

Don’t be afraid to try new things and take advantage of all the resources that are available.  As our population redefines aging, senior service businesses are growing at a rapid-fire rate. Decide what you enjoy doing for yourself and look into outsourcing the rest.

Contact information: Phone: 800-545-4775 Email: info@seniormovemasters.com Website: http://SeniorMoveMasters.com

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