Karin Schumacher talks about documents we need before we become incapacitated

I asked Karin to come on the show to talk to us about the documents we need to have a great retirement.

Karin Schumacher has been an attorney since 2001. She is regarded as compassionate, accomplished, and dedicated at Elder Law & Advocacy, Legal Aid Society, and San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program. She has effectively served over 12,000 clients.

She talks about her grandfather who was a very “well to do” business owner. (He owned 3 auto supply stores). At the time he passed away in 1975, he had over ten million dollars. He wanted his children and his grandchildren to receive that. The problem was that unbeknownst to him, the Corporate Trustee he used, did not have his best interest at heart. All of his hard-earned money had been squandered. Now in 1975, there was far less oversight on Corporate Trustees and a lot fewer regulations than there are now.

Put these documents in place BEFORE they are needed. Also, update or review them on a regular basis because life events and circumstances change frequently.”

Karin goes over each of these in greater detail during the interview.  Below, is the list of documents we need to have a great retirement:

    1. Advanced Healthcare Directive- This is basically your end of life wishes. It is a 55-page document that goes over your medical wishes should you become incapacitated.
    2. Power of Attorney (Springing or Immediate) Springing POA- Only takes place upon incapacity. Immediate- Be cautious here because the moment you sign an immediate POA, the power goes to the agent. However, a POA is one of the documents we need to have a great retirement.  Kathe likes the Springing kind.
    3. HIPAA Release (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) – Prohibits Healthcare providers from releasing information unless you have completed a HIPAA  release form.
    4. Trust- If you own a home and or assets in California above $150,000 then a Trust will assist in avoiding probate.
    5. Will – If you are distributing assets by other means and don't own a home, then be sure to create a will.

Contact Information for Karin: www.AfsarEstatePlanning.com

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