In this episode, Betsy catches up with her friend Kathe after 8 months of retirement and shares her experience of not missing work at all. Betsy discusses how she prefers spending her time reading, exercising, spending time with her mother-in-law, and getting outdoors. Betsy and her husband recently took a fantastic 10-day trip to Italy, visiting Naples, Citano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and climbing Mount Vesuvius.

Betsy found planning the trip enjoyable and did extensive research, including watching YouTube videos to learn about things to do in each place. Betsy shares some highlights of their trip, including visiting a pizza place where former President Bill Clinton once ate and walking 26,000 steps in Naples. In Positano, they had to walk down 1,700 stairs each day from their accommodation in the town above. Betsy found Pompeii fascinating and learned about how the Romans lived in a place frozen in time after the volcanic eruption.

She mentions taking a boat tour around the beautiful Isle of Capri and accidentally asking their tour guide the wrong question in Italian. Betsy enjoyed planning and researching the trip as part of her retirement and looks forward to Thanksgiving to see her stepson home from college. She advises listeners not to be afraid of retirement and to see it as retiring to the next chapter of life.

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