In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Betsy shares her journey of retirement and the special bond she has developed with her elderly mother-in-law. Betsy talks about the recent incident where her mother-in-law fell out of bed and suffered a compression fracture in her spine, which required hospitalization and rehabilitation. She discusses how she has been helping her mother-in-law with various tasks and using this time to learn about her life and experiences.

During her retirement, Betsy has also been engaging in Pilates to prioritize her physical well-being. She draws inspiration from Martha Stewart, who, at the age of 81, continues to exhibit strength and good health. Betsy also highlights the nursing shortage and shortage of volunteers in nursing homes and hospitals, shedding light on the importance of supporting these facilities.

Betsy shares her experience of visiting the park district gym and watching the new show, The Golden Bachelor. The show challenges ageist stereotypes by featuring contestants over the age of 60. She finds it refreshing to see older individuals being given the opportunity to find love and companionship on television.

Additionally, Betsy has been doing some Swedish death cleaning, reflecting on her life and considering what is truly important. She encourages listeners to share their retirement stories in the show notes or via email to podcast@rockyourretirement.com. Kathe Kline, the host, expresses her appreciation for Betsy's contribution and invites listeners to join them for the next episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show.

Tune in to this episode to gain insights into the retirement journey of Betsy, her experiences with her mother-in-law, and her thoughts on prioritizing physical well-being and challenging ageist stereotypes. Don't forget to share your own retirement stories and join them for the next episode!

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