Kathe and Les talk about their newfound 55 plus community We Are HomeThis is part 3 of our 4 part podcast series. On the last episode, we talked about what happened during our community tour. So in this episode, My husband Les and I will continue talking about our quest for finding the perfect 55 and older community.

Furthermore, we will finally reveal our decision on what community we chose to live in! What do we like about it, and why did we choose that community?

Finally, We Are Home

After the long search for a proper 55 plus community, we finally found our home and it is in a Del Webb community. There are instances that it is scary when moving to a new community because it simply is “New” to you but nonetheless, it is pretty exciting as well as you will see what new opportunities and activities await.

Why Were We Drawn to This Community/Home

For us, there are a lot of reasons why we chose to live in a Del Webb community but the main reason why we were so drawn into it is that of the activities. Being in a 55 and older community you need to have activities so as to uplift you and make your everyday stay as fun as possible and this community has a lot of activities to choose from.

The other thing about this community is that it's a nice looking community. It is well maintained with beautiful landscaping and the surrounding area was nice and just as we've talked on our first episode, our family is close to us. Most importantly, Del Webb knows what they are doing. That is why it's safe to say, “We Are Home.”

It is quite different from living in California. It's definitely not as clustered. When you drive down the road in South Carolina, all you see are trees!

About Our New Home

We wound up buying a new home which we bought from somebody else (not from the builder). What's good about this is that you don't need to spend much time, energy and money to furnish your new home. It can be easier and faster for you to relocate quickly and can save you money, sometimes thousands of dollars. This house that we bought doesn't really need anything more.

We did downsize on our new home, we're going from a 3500 square foot house to 2400. Eventually, this will help us to intentionally pare down our belongings. Also, we will have open areas that will be great for entertaining. In other words, it's just happier to downsize-rather than the other way around.

The New Place (Likes and Dislikes)


  • First, we like the area.
  • Secondly, the house itself.
  • Del Webb community.
  • Everyone has been very friendly.
  • Cheaper gas price.
  • And not everything is retirement.


  • Similar houses and relatively close together. But you can do something to make your house noticeable.
  • Not health conscious. That is why when you're in a restaurant you should always ask what's in the menu.
  • Culture change
  • The words used are different and there are towns and areas with different pronunciations. For instance, they use plantation instead of a community. But we can cope up with it.

Although we will miss our 99 Cents Only store, El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box, and Costco (which is about 2 hours away), we are moving into the Del Webb community most importantly because of the retirement lifestyle. We could have bought a cheaper home in this area, but it's not just the house we are looking for. We are looking for the lifestyle of being in a 55 and older community.

After a long community search, this certainly will be our new home. And if you have ever moved to a 55 plus community and have tips for us we would love it if you head to our show notes and leave a comment or go into the Facebook group: RockYourRetirement.com/community and give us some tips.

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