Kathe and Les talk about their 55 Plus community tour

This is part 2 of our continued community search for the 55 plus and better. In our last episode, we discussed things to compare when looking for a community to live in. In this episode, my husband Les and I are on location and just finishing up our 3-day stay at a Del Webb in South Carolina. We will be discussing our stay, our community tour, the house that we stayed at, and our likes and dislikes.

We will also talk about the community, and how a 55 plus community can help you do more of what you love.

Explore Del Webb

Usually, Del Webb communities offer day and night passes. During your stay, their friendly ambassadors will do a community tour and will guide you through pieces of information about the community. Our community tour took us 4 hours but it was very helpful. During the stay, you can meet residents, do the community tour, explore the houses and clubhouses, the amenities, and enjoy everything you need inside a Del Webb community.

The Two Sections in the Community Tour

Del Webb has been around for a long time and usually, communities have two sections which comprise a newer and an older section. The older section of any community will have mature trees, mature landscaping and of course more mature people.

Most ambassadors have been occupying the newer section because they have formed a group of friends from the ones who bought new too. We also had the same experience when we moved to the community where we lived now. Everybody moved in together, we all wanted to meet each other, we had parties together and the neighborhood sort of formed a click. But the downside is when the time comes that the people who moved in together started leaving that's the time when the click just broke apart.

The Del Webb Community

The 4-hour community tour was divided into 2 parts. The tour of the community itself was in the first 2 hours. The Del Webb community has a ton of features including 3 clubhouses, 3 outdoor pools, 2 indoor pools, a baseball field, and a tennis court. There are also sections for the art room, pottery room, and photography, more than 1 golf course, and a community garden! The last 2 hours of the coummunity tour was mostly just dinner.

The Actual House

The house that we lived in was very nice although it is not the house that we actually considered. It's a brand new house with an open floor plan, although they do lock off the second bedroom. It's nicely decorated, comfortable with a nice internet.

There's just a couple of things that I disliked. The master bedroom shower is so open that it is cold and the rain shower is not good. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the self-closing doors. It feels like there is pressure when you open it and it's almost like pulling against you.

The Community Itself (Likes and Dislikes)


  • Open floor plans
  • Most of the bedrooms have a separation between master and guest bedrooms giving you more privacy when having guests.
  • It's beautifully landscaped and just looks good when you come in.


  • Cookie-cutter nature, everything looks alike. You'll get lost because one street looks like the other street,
  • The house in the newer section are close together, they are just 10 feet apart.
  • Their lagoons have alligators.
  • And there are snakes too!
The Clubs

Adult communities are renowned for having a vibrant and social atmosphere where residents can come together and share similar interests.

What's great about active adult communities, is that they cater to the demands of boomers by providing clubs designed around their lifestyle. This community has over 50 clubs for you to stay, as active as you like.

And that's what we've learned about Sun City. A 55 plus community is not just a place you can call home but a place you can find the true essence of the active adult lifestyle. Catch our next episode for the reveal of what will our decision be!

The website mentioned in this episode: https://www.delwebb.com/

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