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What are the 5 Golden Rules of Retirement you never knew? I talked with Bart Astor. Bart has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including ABC’s “Good Morning America,” PBS’s “MarketPlace,” Ric Edelman’s “The Truth About Money,” AARP Radio, “Two Boomer Babes,” and Boomer’s Rock radio. So as you can imagine, I was honored to have him on my show!

Bart Astor is a recognized expert in life’s transitions and eldercare. He is the author of a plethora of books including AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life. This book does talk about money, but it also talks about health, work, lifestyle, and pursuing your dreams. And that's what this show is about!  I wanted to find out what his 5 golden rules of retirement were…

When we are working, and thinking about retirement, one of the issues we have to deal with is our ego. Our identity. Who are we?

In Bart's writings, he's talked about 5 golden rules of retirement, or for setting the roadmap to what he calls a successful “Second Adulthood.”  Bart goes into more detail about this in the interview but…

Those 5 golden rules of retirement are:

  1. You get to choose your own goals
  2. Most of what happens to us in our lives is not really a surprise
  3. The level of your activity influences your choices (This includes mental and physical activity)
  4. Quality of life is about retirement lifestyle
  5. Don’t judge yourself


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Contact information for Bart: Twitter: @bartastor  *  Email: Bart@BartAstor.com  *  Website: www.BartAstor.com

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