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On today’s episode, I am sharing 25 clever life hacks to improve your health.

I found this article at https://gethealthyu.com/clever-life-hacks-improve-health/ that gives some pretty clever life hacks. I thought I would share them with you

1.  Start every morning with a glass of water and freshly squeezed lemon or 100 percent natural grade lemon oil

I actually don't understand what this does to our body. I always hear “Drink an alkaline water”. If you know what it does, please comment below!.

2. Sweat it out before you get in the shower

This sounds easy to do but it's not! I heard that when you sit in a sauna for 30 minutes, one of its benefits is raising your metabolism to exercise.

3. Never eat a bad egg again

I found a perfect hack for this. Les bought me an instapot. Did you know that you can use your pressure cooker to boil eggs? It's also very easy to peel!

4. Meditate to clear your mind

I find it very hard to just sit there and meditate. There are plenty of apps you can use to help you meditate. One is called Brain FM. It doesn't take 5 minutes but 20. For me, what works best is coloring. Yes, you heard it right. It helps me clear my mind. There are also studies that say when you doodle, it will help you remember better.

5. Using baking soda as a natural produce scrub

I wish I read this before I bought some scrubs for $10! All you need to do is combine a few teaspoons of baking soda to 1-2 cups of water and you have a natural produce scrub!

6. Fancy up a water bottle to guzzle more

What I do here is that I have a water bottle and I put a rubber band at the bottom of it, Each time I drink from it, I put the rubber band on my wrist. That's how I help myself drink water. My goal is to drink 4-5 of those bottles per day.

7. Meal prep your way to healthy lunches

Usually, you do this by cooking a whole bunch of food every weekend and that's what you're going to eat for the whole week, You can also do those meal preps you see on social media. They put salads in those cute jars and have a separate small container for the dressing.

8. Take a stretch break

This boosts your energy, improves focus and benefit your mood.

9. Turn your commute into a chance to laugh

You can listen to Rock Your Retirement during a commute!

10. Save your wilting herbs in ice cubes

Save your wilting herbs. Chop them and put it in ice cubes with olive oil. You're ready to saute in no time!

Learn simple tricks and clever life hacks to live a better healthier life

11. Get a workout in while you are watching your favorite show

I asked Les to bring our elliptical machine down and watch TV. We have an activity room. It has a TV, elliptical machine, rowing machine, and many more. Do we use them? NO. I remember when we used to do that. It makes working out a lot easier while watching TV.

12. Use essential oils to clean more naturally

Making natural cleaning solutions are better than using chemical based ones. One of the most common natural cleaning solution is baking soda and vinegar.

13. Make a do it yourself travel cup

What they did is they use a regular glass and top it with press and seal wrap and put a straw through it. If you have travel cups then you don't need to do this. I think most people have travel cups today

14. Never buy a rotten avocado

To test whether an avocado is ripe or not, flick off the dry stem. If you see a brown spot, don’t buy it, if its bright yellow-green, buy it. I live in California and I never bought a rotten avocado. I buy mine at Costco and it's really green hard and you can't eat it for a week. If you put all of them on the counter they will all get ripe at the same time. So what I do is I keep mine in the refrigerator and take one at a time out to leave on the counter. It usually takes 2 days to ripen. (Perhaps we should call this Kathe's clever life hacks?)

15. Soothe a sore throat with a marshmallow

Sap from the marshmallow plant helps treat sore throats, coughs, and colds.

16. How to make your onions, garlic, and shallots last longer

Do this simple trick so that your onions, garlic, and shallots last up to 3 months. Take a paper bag, punch holes in it and secure the top with a paperclip. Put onions, garlic, and shallots separately.

17. De-stink your sneakers

Wash and air dry them, sprinkle them with homemade powder, stuff with newspaper overnight then put them in the freezer. Do you want your stinky shoes in the freezer? I don't! What do you think of this? Comment below and let us know.

18. Baby your spices

Cover baby food jars with fabric, label and put a magnet on the bottom. Can use for spices and stick to the fridge.

19. Make exercise a real page turner

All you have to do is download an audiobook and listen to it while you're at the gym. How are you going to know which book will you be interested in? Comment below, please!

20. Use yoga to heal a headache

You need to do yoga poses which is your head should be below your heart. It improves circulations, stretches out necks and shoulder muscles and helps you relax. I personally do the Child's pose wherein you're on the ground, laying on top of your knees with your arms outstretched and touching the ground and your head's on the ground and it really is a relaxing pose for me.

21. Sweet potato chips in 5 minutes

Put them in the microwave. Find the recipe at sheknows.com.

22. Avoid limp lettuce

Place a paper towel over the lettuce in a bowl and put plastic wrap over the bowl. Replace the paper towel every few days. Your greens should be good for a few weeks!

23. Chew gum to curb cravings

For me, chewing gum makes me hungry. So personally, this one won't work for me. How about you? Comment below!

24. Scrape your tongue to remove toxins

This is proven to be more effective than simply brushing your teeth and is a practice of Ayurvedic medicine. This one also removes toxins.

25. Make your bath extra relaxing with Epsom salts

I wonder if your body absorbs Magnesium through your ski?. If you know, please let me know by commenting below!

Do you have any clever life hacks you want to share? Comment below and tell us!

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