The Cure for the What If

Janelle Anderson co-hosts another podcast episode and today, we'll be talking about “The Cure for the What If”.

Most of the time, we are thinking, “What could go wrong?”. By thinking about this all the time, we might pass a lot of great opportunities. In today's episode, Janelle and I will be talking about the cure for this.

Fear of the Future

Fear of the future is a problem, but remember that the future is not real because it hasn't happened yet. Any transition might be a fear for most of us because we might be thinking, “What could go wrong?”. It's like crossing a bridge.

What might be on the other side of the bridge? What if there's an earthquake while you're crossing it?

How will you retire if you're always thinking about what could go wrong? Instead of thinking about this, how about focusing on things that could make you happy when you retire? Nobody can anticipate all the unknown. Janelle thinks that we are afraid of the unknown because people want to be in control.

Small Actions Matter what if

Small actions are much better than a big one. It will make you feel better. For example, like Janelle, she's thinking about cleaning her house but she just managed to clean one room. It made her feel great!

There's a book called “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World“, it's about making your bed perfect every morning. Making something perfect when you start your day will make you feel so much better for the entire day. Taking action is the key to curing the fear of what if. Fear keeps us from taking actions. It makes us have reasons or excuses for doing what we really want. 

Overcome your Fear of What If

Face your fear. It's just like riding a bicycle, how will you learn how to ride it if you don't overcome the fear of falling down? Fear paralyzes us. It's not about what's happening to us, it's about how we're looking at what's going to happen to us. All of us doesn't know what's going to happen in the future. Always think that whatever happens in the future, we can handle it. It's about acceptance and living in the moment.

Go ahead and step up and do whatever you want to do!

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