RYR Life Plan Instructions

Thanks for your interest in the RYR Life Plan!

You are one step closer to being able to have the Retirement of your Dreams!  The RYR Life Plan focuses on the NON financial aspects of Retirement.  Retirement is NOT just about money, but it's also about everything else.

Retirement includes areas such as:

  • Social & Family
  • Adventure & Travel
  • Volunteer & Philanthropy
  • Spirit & Soul
  • Health & Sex
  • Sandwich Generation Issues

Start planning these areas today by dreaming of how your retirement would be perfect in these areas.  Download our free RYR Life Plan and complete the areas.  You'll need some time to think about it, this will be a process.

Create a date for each area that you want to work on, and sign and date the document.  Review it weekly, to see where you stand.

Find a quiet area where you can spend about an hour thinking about what your perfect retirement would look like.   For inspiration, you can listen to the podcast episodes of Rock Your Retirement.   We have people who are doing things in their retirement that are designed to give you inspiration.  If you are one of the Baby Boomers that have focused only on the financial aspects of retirement, begin to think about the other areas, and how you are doing.

Social & Family:

Do you only have work friends?  These friends may not last after you are no longer seeing them every day at work.  Our episode with Joyce tells how you can get more friends.

Adventure & Travel:

Are you thinking of the adventures that you will have?  It's OK if you don't want to travel the world…your adventure could be going to the movies once all by yourself when you tend to only want to go in a group. But if you want to listen to someone who is living an adventure, you could check out our episode with Wendy, who picked up everything and moved to Costa Rica at age 40.

Volunteer & Philanthropy:

Have you considered what you will be doing with your free time?  Find a charitable organization that you can support and start thinking about how you will do that.  Google is your friend, and so is your city office where you live.  Are you lacking spiritual inspiration?  We have many episodes with people who are Rocking their Retirement by Volunteering, including the ones with Tom, Teri, Debbie, and Sally.

Spirit & Soul:

If you want to feel more connected spiritually, you could join a church, synagogue, or simply start meditating.  Joining a group can help you feel more connected to others, and that would also help in the social area of your retired life.

Health & Sex:

For many of us, our health starts to decline as we age.  What can you do today to get on the road to living a healthy lifestyle?  Ed is playing softball, among other things, and tells you how he was able to find a team that matched his abilities.  The interview with Christine can give you some insights as far as what to do to get healthy. The interview with Dr. Susan Writer discusses Sex and Health.

Sandwich Generation Issues:

If you have living parents (or in-laws), children, or grandchildren, then you are likely to want to complete this section.  We have many episodes that can help an aging loved one, including the interviews with Mitch, Toby, Susi, and Kindra.    If you have considered a legacy that you can give to your grandchildren, you might want to listen to Mira's interview on college coaching, or Brenda's episode on Estate Planning. Additionally, Samantha's episode on the Gift of Grief helps us to think about what we want after we've passed on, and to create a plan so that your grieving loved ones don't have to make big decisions while they are trying to deal with your passing.

Whatever your plans, we are glad to help.  If you haven't done so already, please subscribe to our newsletter so you get notified of our newest free offers and podcast episodes.

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