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Summer of reconnecting

Summer of Reconnecting: Episode 259

We are back again following Barbara Mock through her retirement journey. Barbara talks about what has been a summer of reconnecting so far. Reconnecting with Family In our last episode, Barbara was talking about cleaning up the yard in preparation for a graduation...

Adapting in Retirement with Barbara Mock

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer season. In this episode, Babara updates us on what is going on in her world. RV Woes Barbara talks about her RV that has been in the shop and has been having warranty work done on it for a month. Much like...
Marriage in Retirement

Kindness Keeps Marriages Together

Today we are talking about marriage. Neither Barbara nor I are mental health care professionals, so please don't take this episode as professional advice. If you are having marriage problems or considering getting married, please seek counseling from a qualified...
Retirement journey update

Retirement journey updates with Kathe and Barbara

This episode is a bit different. You will get two updates. One will be an update about my life and another update on what is going on in Barbara’s world. Only it won’t be Barbara’s voice you hear. It will be an automated voice that is reading her journal. Although I’m...
End of 2021 with Barbara Mock's Retirement Journey

End of 2021 with Barbara Mock's Retirement Journey

I hope the listeners had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We were able to enjoy a Friendsgiving and you’ll get to hear all about Barbara’s full house. In fact, she’s still finding bits of Thanksgiving activities all over her house! Barbara also updates us on her...

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