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Planning for Retirement: Adventures, Volunteering, and Staying Connected with Betsy

In this episode of the Rock your retirement show, Kathe Klein interviews Betsy, who is nearing retirement. Betsy has been planning her retirement and has many exciting plans lined up. She discusses her desire to try new things and has adventures in her post-work life....

The Joys and Strategies of Retirement: A Conversation with New Retiree Betsy

In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, host Kathe Kline introduces Betsy, a retiree who shares her experiences and plans for retirement. Betsy is excited about the freedom, relaxation, and autonomy that come with retirement. She is married to a younger man...

Edd And Cynthia: The Benefits of Slow Travel and Work-ations

In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Edd and Cynthia explore the concept of Slow Travel. They explain that Slow Travel is a movement that encourages travelers to take their time and stay in one place for an extended period of time, rather than cramming in...

Meet Edd and Cynthia! They didn't have enough money for retirement

We are starting a new project with previous guests Edd and Cynthia. Living on Social Security Edd and Cynthia have been traveling the world for the past 13 years, living on their Social Security income. They picked a location with a low cost of living, which is how...
Learning Moments in Retirement

Learning Moments in Retirement: Episode 260

Kathe Kline, the host of the Rock Your Retirement Show, welcomed Steve Lopez to discuss his book "What I Learned About Retirement... From Some Who've Done It and Some Who Never Will". Kathe and Steve discussed the many variables to consider when contemplating...

Why Rock Your Retirement?

We talk about retirement in a different way.  We talk about Retirement Lifestyle.  You've got the money part covered.  We'll show you how to Rock your Lifestyle.

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