Health Issues During COVID – Episode 245

Health Issues During COVIDToday, we will talk about one of the Six Pillars of Retirement Lifestyle. Just to refresh your memory, the six pillars are spiritual, significant other, friendship, purpose, family, and health. And we’re going to be starting new short health segments. And so I thought we would kick that off by talking about what if anything we are doing about our health, or if a lot like a lot of you, maybe we’re struggling in that area of health. After almost a year of being cooped up, I know that a lot of us have either physical or mental health struggles.

It Has Been a Roller Coaster of a Ride

To describe today’s health status since COVID, it’s been a roller coaster. Before COVID, Barbara would get up really super early in the morning, going to a gym, working out with a personal trainer, and a team of people. Doing that a couple of days a week and then going in, treadmill, lifting weights in between, and then going into work, taking a shower, getting dressed, and starting her day. Then COVID hit and the governor closes down all the gyms. As an extreme extrovert, her mental health suffered significantly.

So in those months in March, not only did Barbara stop leaving the house, it was depressing. And she started having a glass of wine or two, every night became much more sedentary. She started gaining an excessive amount of weight and felt like a slog. And it was just a downward spiral for her.

Have Something to Look Forward To

We have to have something to look forward to. We get stressed when we delve into a specific problem that we loseHealth Issues During COVID perspective. Figure out something to put on your calendar or something to look forward to because we don’t have anything to look forward to, it just gets bleaker and bleaker and bleaker. Think about things for which you are grateful.

Start Being Healthy

When you eat sugar, it changes your blood sugar, and it causes you to be hungry or thirsty or you know, different things. And so just by removing that, already, it was just like incredible. It just wasn’t serving Barbara’s needs, or purposes anymore. But that’s not to say that maybe someday when she’s retired, sitting around the campfire, she might not enjoy a glass of wine.

So what Barbara has been learning is the sugar that’s in alcohol is what’s not good for her. It causes her to either want to eat or drink more than she should. Just by replacing the sugars and the carbohydrates with fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, just makes her feel so much better and more motivated. There’s a tie between what she eats and how she feels, and how motivated she to go out and do activities.

Healthy Ways to Cope

Keep up with daily routines as far as possible, or make new ones. Exercise, eat healthy meals and try to allocate time for working and time for resting. Also, make time for doing things you enjoy.

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Goals and Intentions – Episode 244

Goals and IntentionsGet On the Right Track

Setting goals isn’t enough. Though it helps us to create a plan, see the future, and stay on track to get things done, there’s still a downside to goal setting. Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, recognize and live your values, and raise your emotional energy, which in turn, raises your physical energy. Join us today in

As of this recording, she’s still waiting for her retirement date, which is coming up at the end of March 2021. If you’re listening to this in the future, start with our first episode of following her journey, and come along with us in sequence so that it’ll make more sense. This first episode was titled, Barbara’s Amazing Retirement Journey: Section 1. Today. Barbara and I will talk about intentions.

Evaluate Your Goals and Intentions

Barbara really wants to forget the year that was passed except for a few highlights. Just looking forward and in the past, that was a time for them to look at their finances. Throughout Barbara’s marriage, they would take the time between Christmas and New Year’s to go through in whatever form they had with their bills, their expenses, and would evaluate their goals.  They would figure out what are they going to pay off because their goal was to be debt-free by this time.

So they’ve been having a lot of conversations about what a weird feeling it is right now that they have done that on the eve of retirement. They don’t have any debt. And they’ve minimized their expenses as much as possible. Now they’re at the other side. Both of them have been kind of struggling because their pattern was the goal to pay off.

Goal to Spend?

Now, this shift that they haven’t made very well is what’s their goal to spend or stay neutral. They want to go places and do things. It has been pouring down rain everyday storm after storm landslides flooding, and it’s bleak. There’s been a lot to talk about, where will they be at this time next year? Where will they be in October? Because both of them know whether it’s a week or a month or two months in the fall, and then probably come home for Christmas, because they didn’t get a Christmas this year. But then right after Christmas head somewhere, and that is the discussion.

They don’t feel like they have to make a decision right now. But because they’re a bit bored and can’t go outside. They’ve been spending a lot of time. Barbara and her husband were always the people that are always saving for the future. And now, they’re those people that can spend some money and go have some fun. It’s a very weird thing and it’s a big adjustment.

Retirement is Going to be a BIG Adjustment

Barbara’s husband is constantly saying with you retiring, and not working anymore, not putting money in a 401k not investing. That’s going to be a big adjustmentGoals and Intentions for both of us. And it’s just a big adjustment in the way you think. So she’d be interesting to know, what have other people done? What have other people decided? We could go buy a new truck? Do we need one? We could buy a travel trailer? What size? Is it better to get a motorhome? Do you invest in something that big when you’re not really sure that you’re going to enjoy that? Or do you do vacation rental by owner? Or do you do trusted house sitters?

It’s just this whole world is available to them. And yet, they still have a mindset of, they need to save for retirement. Now it’s here. It’s very, very interesting discussions they’re having these days.

Barbara’s 2021 Intentions

Barbara has tried to do new year’s resolutions in the past. It works about till February. And if it’s not a habit, within four weeks, it’s not going to happen. So she made a list of the kind of her top 10. Printed them up, and stuck them on her bathroom mirror, It’s not necessarily a resolution, but they’re just reminders that she looks upon, and they’re short. But the first one is to be open to new possibilities.

Barbara has been doing the same department, not the same job. But she has been in the same place for 44 years. And it’s just time to be open to kind of what’s new. She’s just kind of keeping an open hand and an open heart about what her life could be this year and just trying some new things.

Find What Sets You Up

For those of us that are entering retirement, don’t be in too big of a hurry to jump into a lot of things. But the things you do jump into make sure they’re fulfilling and worthwhile and what you want. Because unlike a job where you need a paycheck, and maybe you stick in a lot longer than you normally would, because leaving a job and coming and going has its consequences. When you’re retired, you should be able to do what you want, when you want to and, and derive some sense of satisfaction from it, rather than just enduring and sticking in.

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Contentment in Life – Episode 243
RockYourRetirement Community

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Contentment in Life – Episode 243

Contentment in LifeWe Try to Convinced Ourselves…

Most of us thought that happiness is linked to our accomplishments. We convinced ourselves that we’ll find contentment in life when we have an ample amount of money or buy those luxury bags, clothes, or cars that we’re longing for. But the truth is that we can create that feeling of happiness and contentment right now, regardless of any circumstances.

Today, Barbara and I will share with you how to come to a place of contentment, in spite of everything that’s going on.

You Need to Choose Contentment

For Barbara, she said she is so blessed because there are so many people hurting and needy. I don’t need to be so anxious, and worried and frustrated and upset. I need to choose contentment.

Much like those of us that met our spouse, and we were attracted. We fell in love as they say, at least for Barbara it was pretty quick. It was not a feeling, it was a decision. Marriage isn’t easy. Being with another person isn’t easy. But if you’re going to stay with someone for a long time, you make a commitment. For her, she’s making a commitment to contentment.

It’s Kind of Disappointing

As we were approaching Thanksgiving was all of us were kind of upset, because we weren’t gonna be able to see our family members. We all shared that each one of us as a couple would be the first time in our lives, that we would just be the two of us. And as those days approached, Barbara was kind of upset. It’s like wait a second, we don’t get to see our kids and our family.

Again in Washington State which Barbara wrote about it in her 1-year journey into retirement blog. COVID cases just shot up like a rocket ship, and they’re still going up. So her children made the call, they said mom, dad, it’s not safe, so we’re not coming.

But It was Kind of a Blessing

Barbara and her husband could have gone to different places. But they decided for the first time to stay home. It was a blessing to her because usually, her husband isContentment in Life watching football games on TV with the guys. She did miss what she calls the hen house, where the gals in her family were very loud and very talkative. Also, there’s usually wine around the island and they’re all cooking.

But this time, her husband prepared the whole meal with her and that was very, very different. The fact that was just the two of them, it was so quiet. It was a blessing. But Barbara knows that someday, hopefully, next year, we’ll have the raucous, loud Thanksgiving holiday.

What Barbara wants to remember is 2020 was the year that it was just her and her husband. So that fit into some of her contentment as well.

Be Happy and Contented

Remind yourself that the grass is always greener on the other side. Contentment does not preclude ambition, it is simply appreciation, gratitude, and acceptance for the way things are right now.

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Ain’t That A Messy Middle – Episode 242

Ain't That A Messy MiddleIf you are a new listener to the show, we have a lot of back episodes where you can find information that you’re looking for. But starting with Episode 239, which was three episodes ago, we started following the life of Barbara mock. This is section one of this one year project, there will be 12 sections, which we will release on a monthly basis, so be sure to subscribe.

Have You Made That Decision Yet?

Today, Barbara, and I talk about the messy middle. This is the place where you have made the decision to retire. But you’re not retired yet. You’re getting ready. You’re planning. you’re filling out forms, taking classes, creating your checklist, checking things off, it’s during this messy middle. That things start to get real, it starts to get a little scary.

You’re looking at how permanent your decision is. This is the part where things can get a little messy at home too. Because even though we might have discussed it with our significant other, when it starts to get real, things can pop up that you didn’t think about before. And as Barbara promised, when she embarked on this journey with us, she tells us everything. Remember Barbara promise to be vulnerable.

The Messy Middle

Barbara is halfway through looking back and halfway through looking forward to that retirement. The other day, it’s fall in the Pacific Northwest, raking leaves on a gorgeous sunny day. Suddenly, she kind of felt like the changing of the seasons is a metaphor for what she’s going through right now. When she first started in the summer, everything was new and bright and shiny and exciting, full of energy. Now that fall has arrived, having wind and rain and leaves flying everywhere, she’s thinking that’s a picture of how she’s feeling right now. And then as winter comes she would just like to curl up with a good book and sit by the fire.

But I’m thinking that spring is going to be my new life. And I’m going to be coming out of this season of the past and looking forward. And in some ways that is exciting. But it’s also a little scary because it’s so permanent.

Once You’ve Made that Decision, There’s No Coming Back

Once you make that decision, you’re going to retire. I’m sure there, you could go back on that, but I’m not. So I know, there’s a state certain out there. And I think Ain't That A Messy Middleour listeners, Barbara had talked earlier about a book she has been reading called, Your Retirement Quest: 10 Secrets for Creating and Living a Fulfilling Retirement by Alan Spector and Keith Lawrence. If you’re the type of person that really wants to think about and plan for your retirement, not related to money, this book is highly recommended for you.

As each chapter unfolded, it was exciting. It was fun. At the end of each chapter, it suggests to you to answer some questions. What are you going to stop doing? What are you going to continue doing? And what are you going to do that’s new? Those are really, really fun questions to explore and think about. So Barbara churned through these 10 keys, these 10 secrets, and then she got stuck. She couldn’t figure out why. Because the very next step is to create your plan for retirement.

Barbara’s Vision for Retirement

After so much thought into it and so much back and forth with her husband, Barbara finally knew what her vision for retirement is. She’s a little vulnerable in saying it but as she said before, she’s committed that she’ll be open about this.

Barbara’s greatest ambition is to please Jesus, above all else. Continue to love and be loyal to her best friend and husband. Full of gratitude for her family and friends. Embrace adventure and travel for the opportunity to learn and grow. Kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to those in need. And focus on her physical, spiritual, and emotional well being so that she can bring joy to others through service in my community. That is who she is and who she aspires to be.

Retirement Is A Messy Middle

If you’re thinking about retirement, it is almost like a journal. With projects, at the beginning of a project, you’re really excited. You’re envisioning this future, but it gets really messy in any project and there’s never a straight line from A to B. It’s whirling around back and forth. And if you’re impatient like Barbara, you want to get to the finish line, you want to get it done.

If you’re anticipating retirement, don’t rush this part, rest in it, analyze it, think about it, talk to your friends, talk to your family. And at some point, try to get it down on paper, because that means then you’re likely to get it done.

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Canceled Plans Before Retirement – Ep 241
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Canceled Plans Before Retirement – Ep 241

Canceled Plans Before RetirementThe transition to retirement can be tricky for many, as spending discretionary income we can’t earn back seems risky. The last time that we got together, Barbara and I were talking about her pending vacation. Not only her pending vacation, but the vacation that she just went on, and how that was similar to a mini-retirement. Today we are talking about canceled plans. And I’m sure that you the listener has had some canceled plans this year, too.

Planning is Difficult During This Period of Time

I’ve had a couple of canceled plans. When COVID first started, I was really just getting off of a cruise. We almost didn’t go on that cruise but my husband and I kept going back and forth on it. Like many, we didn’t think the virus was going to get as bad as it did. What we di was we prayed about it. For those of you who listen, you know that I am someone who prays. It’s not something that I focus on during the show, but we prayed about it and we ended up going on our trip. Honestly, that last cruise was probably one of the most interesting cruises we’ve ever been on because it was the cruise that kept going back and forth to Florida. For one reason or another, we kept heading back to the port.

Since then, though, I had a trip to Hawaii, that was canceled, a wedding that was canceled, and a lot of other events that have been canceled or postponed. 

Canceled Plans

Barbara also had a bunch of canceled plans. Starting with their 40th-anniversary trip. Barbara and her husband had planned to go to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. That’s 10 glorious days planned! One at a resort and one on Isla Mujeres, a small little island off the coast of Mexico that she had always wanted to take her husband to. This trip was supposed to be in April. As the virus was unfolding in March, it became clear that everything was shutting down and it was really disappointing for them.

Barbara thinks that 40 years of marriage is a big deal that is why it should be celebrated. They had a pretty big financial investment on that trip though they got most of the money back. Still, money wasn’t the issue. It was just that dream and that expectation of getting to go.

Barbara’s Big Retirement Party

From previous episodes, we’ve talked and established that Barbara is an extreme extrovert. She’s that person that wants a huge party. Her kids have known for years what that party was, they knew where it was going to be. They knew that they were going to have to take off work and come up with the grandkids so that all her friends could see her children and grandchildren.

And to realize that, no, there probably won’t be a party is hugely disappointing for Barbara. Yet, Barbara knows in her heart that there’ll be something down the line when it is safe to travel and maybe it’ll be better. She’s trying to take an optimistic approach because, in the end, what’s important is that they’re safe. Sometimes she feels guilty that she have that option to consider having a big party and having a trip planned. On the brighter note, she just thinks it’s been delayed, not necessarily canceled.

This Should Have Been The Last Hoorah

Sometimes retirement parties are opportunities to say goodbye to these people because this will be kind of the last time you’ll see some of them. Having it a year later, probably wouldn’t work and although zoom is better than nothing, let’s face it, you don’t get the hugs. Because physically being able to hug somebody means so much.

 In this time of COVID, we’re not hugging, we’re not shaking hands. I just wonder, what is that doing to our mental health? What is it doing to our well being? Barbara is a big hugger. She’s missing hugs as well. It’s tough.

What do you do? One of the things that I’ve learned when I’m reading articles and reading blogs is some people are forming pods. For the listeners, the pod is where you get maybe two or three families together and you have a pact that you will not get together with anybody else. Basically, your pod is your socially distancing. You can basically become each other’s families. And that you promise that you will not go out in public and do things that will expose you to COVID except within this pod.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward ToCanceled Plans Before Retirement

Sometimes having something to look forward to is more valuable than any money or deposit you might lose. In terms of retirement planning,  Barbara has been listening to all kinds of webinars and seminars that her employer offers. When you’re in work mode, these things go past you with these emails and training and classes and you just let them go by and it’s kind of like when you’re pregnant, you all suddenly see all these other pregnant people.

Now that Barbara’s on the road to retirement, she’s seeing all these opportunities that she didn’t pay attention to at work. Every month, there’s training and classes that are offered, but there’s always one about preparing for retirement.

Now there’s zoom. She’s learned more about deferred compensation and more about Social Security. And then there was one that really aligned with the Rock Your Retirement program where it wasn’t anything about money, rather it was about creating your personal definition of retirement. The presenter was talking about the steps of retirement, the stages of retirement, how important it is to redefine who you are, and just the different approaches. The time Barbara’s spending in either reading or listening to the Rock Your Retirement podcasts or these classes is just really helping her form an idea of what her life is going to look like in retirement.

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Practicing for Retirement with Barbara Mock

Practicing for Retirement with Barbara MockWe continue to follow Barbara Mock through her retirement journey. For the next year, she is letting us live vicariously through her eyes, telling us what it’s like to go through the stages of retirement.

Practicing for Retirement

For many people, traveling is one of the things they enjoy most about retirement. Barbara took some time off of work and went on a little mini practice retirement. She and her husband went on a trip to Priest Lake Idaho with some friends they have known for over 40 years and have kept in contact with. Everything sort of fell together last minute and she said it was magical and even thought to herself, is this what retirement could be like?

Having fun with friends that they have known forever and ever kind of made her realize that maintaining friendships over a long period of time is really going to be something valuable to as we retire.

Priest Lake

It was 96 degrees. You’re in a mountain lake. I hope you guys look it up. Look at the photos look on Google Earth. It’s crystal blue, pristine water. You can see to the bottom, even when it’s quite deep, and it’s really remote.

After 3 days, their friends had to go back to work so Barbara and her husband dusted of their camping equipment went camping at Farragut State Park in Lake Pend Oreille. They hadn’t camped in the dirt for 20-25 years. They put up their tent, watched the stars, and had a romantic time. We talked about the next day where Barbara and her husband met a couple and shared a boat ride and a meal with them. What both of them learned is that you can make friends anywhere if you’re open to it.

Your Spouse and Retirement

Not only has she been practicing for retirement, but Barbara has also been doing a lot of reading and research. She wants to plan for the emotional outlook of retirement, but how it will impact her relationship.  Her husband is not as willing to research but will discuss it. During a 7-hour car ride on Barbara’s practice retirement/ vacation, she learned a lot. She learned that her husband has sort of been putting his retirement on hold waiting for her to retire and that he loves golf. Her husband had taken up a sport that Barbara loved and she wanted to make sure that she was taking an interest in things he loves as well.

They have also been having conversations every day. There is an enormous amount of planning and preparation it is taking her to prepare. She had no idea how many checklists and things you need to get in order prior to retirement. Social Security, financial planning, estate planning, medical insurance, social life, traveling, downsizing, or moving, among many other decisions that have to be made.

Focusing on work

Barbara does find it a little difficult to focus on work with her impending retirement. Especially after her practice retirement vacation. However, with work being very busy right now, it helps her stay focused on her job.

Pretty much everyone at work knows by now that Barbara is retiring. Some offer advice and most tell her she will love it. Barbara did reach out to an old colleague who has been retired for about 10 years. What she told Barbara was amazing. It was so inspiring. She’s in her 70s, her husband’s in his 80s. And she said, keep moving, move, don’t become fragile. She and her husband have stand up paddleboards, they go kayaking, and they are avid snow skiers, they ski all over the world and in the US. She has a bike that she rides; she has an organic garden, and she does yoga and works out every morning! So that was her advice. Stay strong, exercise, and keep working out so that you can do the things in your retirement that you want to do.

Have you thought about practicing for retirement? Or if you have already retired, how did you prepare? Were there things that were surprising to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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